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Several months after the "Blip," and with the whereabouts of Steve Rogers still unknown to the public, the United States government appointed John Walker as the new Captain America.[3]

John as Captain America

Walker went on tour for the government as the new "Cap," attracting the ire of both of Rogers' former allies and comrades, Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes, the former of whom had been bequeathed Rogers' shield and legacy by the original Captain America himself. Walker humbly claimed that he was honored to take up the Captain America mantle, being just a normal guy who wanted to do good, though he was actually a highly decorated soldier who had completed several special ops missions for the U.S. Army and had undergone grueling training to become the new Captain America.

Walker was deployed as Captain America soon after to stop an illegal medical supplies shipment by the Flag Smashers radical group, who were also incidentally being confronted by Wilson and Barnes at the same time. Wilson and Barnes were fended off by the group and Walker took over but soon found that he was no match for the seemingly super-soldier serum-enhanced radicals and was kicked from the truck they were fighting on. He attempted to make amends with Wilson and Barnes later, but they rebuffed his attempt. When Barnes was later arrested for missing a court-mandated therapy session, Walker helped get him out and facilitated a way for Wilson and Barnes to be able to work together without having to go to the therapy sessions anymore. After this, he attempted once more to reconcile with the two heroes, but they advised him that they were free agents and intended to act like it, investigating the Flag Smashers without government oversight. Feeling scorned, Walker told the men he understood, but warned them to stay out of his way going forward.[1]

Walker, working alongside his teammate and friend Lemar Hoskins, aka Battlestar, and the GRC, later confronted a Flag Smasher sympathizer who had been harboring the radicals, but he was mocked, scoffed at, and even spat on by the sympathizer, who told him that he didn't care who Walker was because Walker had no political or ideological influence over him, unlike the old Captain America. Infuriated by this act of disrespect, Walker used every ounce of his willpower to refrain from further harming the man and angrily told Hoskins that they would have to find an off-the-books way of managing the Flag Smashers if they were to stop them, because the government guidelines were too restrictive. Walker cited the actions of Wilson and Barnes, who were freely tracking the production of the new and improved super-soldier serum with the help of international criminal and terrorist Baron Zemo as proof, and disgustedly walked away from the interrogation.[4]

Walker managed to track down Barnes and Wilson in Latvia where they were continuing to work with Zemo to find the Flag Smashers and the vials of super-soldier serum they still held in their possession. Walker confronted the trio, who had just gotten a tip-off from a local child as to where Karli Morgenthau, one of the Flag Smasher leaders, would be, at a funeral for a loved one who inspired the Flag Smasher movement. Walker, Hoskins, Wilson, Barnes, and Zemo all moved on this location, but Wilson insisted on having some time to talk to Morgenthau individually. Walker granted him ten minutes, but became increasingly anxious and paranoid when Wilson didn't return. Walker attempted to charge in before the ten minutes was up, but was stopped by Barnes, who Walker taunted, saying that everything was easier with the super-soldier serum. Walker then asked Barnes if he was okay having Wilson's blood on his hands if something went south, convincing him to let Walker pass. Walker burst through the doors of the room where Wilson was still talking pacifistically with Morgenthau, frightening the Flag Smasher and causing her to flee with the super-soldier serum. Meanwhile, an enraged Wilson ran off to find her.

Walker later came across Zemo, who was destroying the remaining vials of serum by stomping on them. Walker threw his shield at Zemo's head, knocking him unconscious. Though most of the vials had been destroyed and Morgenthau had gotten away, Walker managed to find and pocket a single remaining vial of serum before Hoskins, Wilson, and Barnes showed up. Walker later confronted Barnes and Wilson again, demanding they turn over Zemo into his custody. The two refused, with Barnes already having promised to turn the baron over to the Dora Milaje, who promptly showed up with two enforcers to collect him. Walker and Hoskins engaged the two, being quickly and efficiently beaten into submission while Wilson and Barnes initially watched before also engaging after deciding that they needed Zemo for a little while longer. After the four were summarily beaten, all six present discovered that Zemo had used the commotion to escape into the sewers. As the Dora Milaje left, Walker lamented that they weren't even super-soldiers and he still couldn't beat them.

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Walker had a discussion with Hoskins soon after regarding the nature of the serum and whether or not he would take it. When Hoskins said he would take it in a heartbeat, Walker asked him if Hoskins thought Walker would be deserving of it, to which Hoskins replied that it simply amplified what was already there, and pointed out Walker's bravery during a brutal mission which had earned him his decorated status as a soldier. Hoskins went on to remark how many more people they could have saved on that mission if they had been enhanced by the serum, and Walker agreed. Some time later, Walker injected himself with the serum he had kept, enhancing his strength and agility, among other physical abilities, but also seemingly making himself more mentally unstable. Walker tracked down Morgenthau, who was once again having a discussion with Wilson and Barnes alone, as well as the rest of the Flag Smashers, and charged in to subdue them. Hoskins was quickly kidnapped, however, and Walker ran into an angered Wilson and Barnes while trying to find him. The three came into conflict with the rest of the Flag Smashers, including Morgenthau, who attempted to assassinate Walker. Hoskins managed to escape just in time to prevent Karli from fatally stabbing Walker. Karli retaliated by punching Hoskins, the force of the blow sending him into a brick pillar, killing Battlestar. This gave pause to everyone in the room, during which time the Flag Smashers made an escape and Walker tried unsuccessfully to revive his teammate. After confirming his death, Walker was blinded by rage and executed one of the Flag Smashers with Captain America's Shield out on the street with many onlookers capturing it on their phones.[5]

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Walker fled the scene, shocked by what he did, but was confronted by Sam and Bucky soon after in a warehouse. They tried peaceably to convince Walker to give up the shield, but Walker, viewing the request as hostile, refused. He engaged the duo in an intense fight, incapacitating Bucky temporarily and tearing Sam's wings off, effectively destroying his wing-pack. He prepared to kill Sam with the shield in the same way that he had killed the Flag Smasher, but was stopped by Bucky. The two pinned Walker against a metal support column and tried again to get him to relinquish the shield, but when he refused, they broke his left arm and took it from him. He was afterwards placed on trial and received an 'Other Than Honorable' discharge from the military, retaining none of his status or benefits and only avoiding a court-martial due to his previous valiant service to the country. Shortly after the sentencing, Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine approached him, telling him that he was of interest to many powerful people and indirectly offered him a job, telling him to pick up when she called. Later on, Walker visited Hoskins' family, lying that he had killed the man who had killed Hoskins, when in reality he had killed a different Flag Smasher. He vowed to track down the rest of them and returned home. Here, determined to still be Captain America, he started forging a new shield of his own using his medals, including welding his Medal of Honor into the shield's inner surface.[6]

Walker later confronted Morgenthau and her fellow Flag Smashers when they led an assault on the GRC headquarters in New York City, telling her he intended to finish what they'd started. However, he was quickly beaten as his homemade shield did not hold up nearly as well as the Vibranium one in battle. Walker instead fought primarily hand-to-hand, nearly succeeding at beating some Flag Smashers before Wilson, having adopted the mantle of Captain America, and Barnes showed up to assist. Soon after, Walker was confronted with the choice to save a truck full of GRC politicians in imminent danger of falling to their deaths or to pursue a fleeing Morgenthau, and he chose to save the truck instead with the assistance of Wilson and Barnes. Walker then went to hunt down the remaining Flag Smashers with the two Avengers, whereupon Wilson directed him and Barnes to search in one direction while he went another way. Walker and Barnes soon discovered that he had sent them off Morgenthau's trail, hoping to try and talk to her once more, though this also failed when Sharon Carter killed her instead.

Walker was later called upon by Valentina Allegra de Fontaine as she promised, where she gave him a new and updated suit with a black, red, and white theme, and told him that the world already had a Captain America, and that what they needed now was a U.S. Agent.[2]



Artificially Enhanced Physiology: Walker dosed himself with a new version of the super-soldier serum developed in Madripoor by Dr. Wilfred Nagel which grants the user all the same abilities as the original serum taken by the likes of Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, but without significantly enhancing or changing the user's appearance and physiology. Walker also demonstrated a heightened awareness of his surroundings, being able to narrowly dodge a knife thrown at his neck from well outside his range of view.

  • Enhanced Healing Factor: Walker can heal at a much faster rate than a normal human. After his fight against Falcon and Bucky where his arm was broken, he recovered from his injuries in a few days.
  • Enhanced Strength: Walker demonstrated the ability to throw his shield so hard that it embedded itself deeply within a concrete wall, as well as throwing a man down the stairs effortlessly. Walker later used his strength to quickly and brutally beat a man to death with the edge of the shield.
  • Enhanced Durability: Walker was able to withstand several blows from other enhanced individuals without it fazing him in any meaningful way. He was also able to jump out a window and land on a car, crushing it, without taking any kind of damage.
  • Enhanced Speed: While chasing a man who was also enhanced with the same super-soldier serum Walker took, Walker was able to catch up with seemingly little effort, despite his target running far faster than any normal human being.
  • Enhanced Agility: Walker demonstrated the ability to react exceptionally quickly to his surroundings, parrying many attacks from other enhanced individuals and dodging a thrown knife with ease, despite not being able to see it until right before it almost hit him.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Walker was able to keep up with a brutal fight against several other serum-enhanced individuals before beating several more, jumping out a window, chasing down another man, and beating him to death, all seemingly without expending any stamina.


  • Master Combatant
  • Master Shield-man
  • Expert Marksman






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