Not much is known regarding the past of Jonothon Starsmore on Earth-1815. It is clear that, like in most other realities, the first manifestation of his mutant powers obliterated his jaw an his upper torso.[citation needed]

In this reality, Operation: Zero Tolerance was enacted and saw that all super-humans were either eliminated or incarcerated. Jono found himself incarcerated in a maximum security prison where he developed a deep hatred of his human captors.

Charles Xavier was liberated by the reality hopping Exiles on their first mission, when they believed he would be the "Great leader" this reality needed. However, the Xavier of this world also had a strong hatred of humans and dispatched the Exiles before forming a group of terrorist X-Men to aid in his genocide of the human race. Recruited among them was Jono, who was passionate about the idea of going to war against his oppressors.

Their attack on the New York Stock Exchange was opposed by members of the Exiles. During the fight Jono was knocked out when the Exile Thunderbird threw his teammate Juggernaut onto him. Shortly after, the other X-Men were defeated and Xavier was slain. Jono's fate remains unrecorded, although it is likely that he was re-incarcerated.[citation needed]


Jonothon Starsmore of Earth-1815 exhibited the same range of telepathic abilities as his Earth-616 counterpart.

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