Jonz Rickard is the descendant of both Rick Jones and Emperor Rickard (the ruler of the First Terran Empire). He led the Galactic Avengers Battalion Theta-4 and guided the conquest of the Elan. He was also responsible for the slaughter of Centauri-IV, announcing this as punishment for a small rebellion.[1]

When the Avengers were brought to his reality and were captured by the Galactic Avengers Battalion, Rickard foiled Hawkeye's escape attempt by using his control of the Destiny Force. Rickard, believing the Avengers to be heretics for using what he thought was a duplicate of Captain America's legendary shield, fitted them with inhibitor collars and threw them into a cell for them to await execution.[2]

Fortunately, the Avengers were freed by Yellowjacket, who was temporarily allied with Immortus and were led back to Limbo.[2]

Rickard was later summoned with countless other Avengers from alternate realities by the Time-Keepers to stop Kang the Conqueror and the Avengers. The Time-Keepers were eventually defeated, and Rickard was presumably sent back to his native reality.[3]


Rickard has the power to control the Destiny Force.

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