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Quote1 Soon the Flying Dutchman shall find the sleep so long denied to him! Quote2


Captain Joost Van Straaten was the captain of a ship that lusted only for treasure and was consumed with greed. He had no compassion for life, only wealth. He forced his crew into a storm to find treasure and the ship was overtaken by the raging sea. He and all his crew perished. When they met with Death, his crew's souls were allowed to rest but he was not. He was named the Flying Dutchman and sent to Limbo.[1]

The Flying Dutchman's Ghost was summoned by Mephisto and promised freedom from limbo if he destroyed the Silver Surfer. Warped by Mephisto's dark magic, the Flying Dutchman's Ghost was now stronger and had better weaponry, after pursuing the Silver Surfer through the city, they eventually met and battled, the Silver Surfer prevailed due to the Flying Dutchman's Ghost betraying Mephisto, The Silver Surfer shed a tear for the tortured and trapped soul of the Flying Dutchman's Ghost, and in turn, he was released from the bondage of Limbo.[2]


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  • Spirit Body: The Flying Dutchman can fire blasts of energy from his eye patch and metal claws, and can become material at will, and has proven to be able to make contact with Vision, who can also become intangible. The Flying Dutchman can also cast illusions.



Two claws and an eye patch.


A large spectral galleon.


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