Joras-Kyl was a scientist working at the Oceanic Science Station Pama-16 when Kree-Pama experienced a White Event. The phenomenon changed Joras-Kyl into Kree-Pama's new Cipher.

After coming in contact with Nightmask, the both of them decided to look for the other heralds.[1]. They next transported to the Temple of Pama where they found the third herald, Trrunk who was transformed into Justice.[2]

After the three were together, they returned to New Kree-Lar to search for Va-Sohn, Mar-sohn's sister, who was the candidate to become the Kree Starbrand after Kree-Pama's Last White Event. As they fond her, the White Event started, and, due to the absence of a Spitfire, the entity which would provide a counterforce to Starbrand's powers, the first thing she did with her newly acquired powers was to kill her brother and Trrunk, stating that all she needed was the intelligence Cipher could provide. [3]

Stating that the best defence is a good offence, and knowing that Tarnax VII was the base for Super-Skrulls' training camps, Va-Sohn destroyed the entire planet. After doing so, Joras-Kyl and she were teleported to Starbrand's Structure by Libra so that both she and the Kevin would fight. However, they're unable to fight, as a fail-safe in the Starbrand power causes them to become attracted to one another and kiss. Because of this, they call off the fight and Va-Sohn agrees not to attack any more worlds, as Kevin would be there to "make things cosmically awkward". Therefore, Joras-Kyl and Va-sohn are returned to their homeworld to reconsider their options. [4]


Joras-Kyl seemingly possesses all the abilities that comes from the being a Cipher:

  • Intangibility: Cipher is able to to control his own macroscopic quantum wave function to allow him to become intangible enough to phase through solid matter by passing his atoms through the spaces between the atoms of the object through which he is moving. He phased through Nightmask after he tried to hit him.[4]
  • Invisibility: Cipher has the ability to bend light waves around his body rendering him to be totally invisible to the naked eye.[4]
  • Cyberpathy: Cipher is able to process communications between him and any technology that he comes into contact with.[2]
  • Flight: Cipher possesses the ability to fly under unknown means, but he can travel at faster than light speeds as he has been seen journeying through space to different planets and galaxies. He is also able to withstand being in the vacuum of space.[5]

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