Quote1 Hey, buddy! C'n you spare any change before you, uh, go clubbing? Quote2
-- Jordan D. White src

Jordan D. White is a panhandler in New York City. He was seen busking outside KP Anderson's Olde Tyme Saloon.[1]


While busking in the Meatpacking District, Jordan encountered Peter Quill who gave him the stipend given to him by Abigail Brand earlier in the day.[2]

He next met Rocket Raccoon, outside a burger joint in Times Square, where he explained that he's a veteran who had lost his home. The Halfworlder then proceeded to rob the restaurant in order to feed Jordan when the employees refused to do so under the Korbonite-Jovian Accords.[3]

Jordan then joined London in standing up for Groot when the Flora colossi was mistakenly seen as the aggressor by the NYPD following a fight with Armadillo in Columbus Circle.[4]



  • Jordan's panhandling sign read "WILL UKE 4 MONEY".[2]
  • White is based on the Marvel Comics editor Jordon D. White.

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