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Jose Quesada was on trial for assaulting Angela Sutton on the night of June 30. While Matt Murdock was convinced of Quesada's guilt, Quesada was freed due to the Kingpin financing a high-priced lawyer to defend him. Jose Quesada went to Josie's Bar to celebrate his acquittal, only to be confronted by Daredevil. After a long chase and a fight, Daredevil knocked Quesada onto the subway tracks and allowed him to be killed by the oncoming train.[1]


  • Jose Quesada is portrayed by actor Paul Ben-Victor.
  • Jose Quesada's name is a reference to Joe Quesada.
  • In the comic adaptation of the film, Jose Quesada is drawn to look more like his namesake Joe Quesada.

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