Dr. Jose Santini was known as one of the most brilliant chemists on Earth. He was once brought in from overseas to help Reed Richards in attempting to change the Thing back to his normal Ben Grimm form. However, he was kidnapped and replaced by the Mad Thinker before he had a chance. Later, he operated on Tony Stark's injured heart. "Jose Santini" also became the Mad Thinker's main alias.

Santini's Ultra Rejuvenator (Earth-616)

Dr Santini's Ultra Rejuvenator

Later, the Avengers recruited Santini to operate an ailing Anthony Stark. Although Santini was attacked and Stark kidnapped, Santini eventually performed a successful operation using an experimental method.


He is an expert surgeon and one of the first doctors who performed successful heart transplants and inventor of the Ultra Rejuvenator.[1]

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