Joseph Huber was a powerful telepath (among other things) who claimed that all the mutant voices in his head were driving him crazy and that he had manipulated and arranged all of X-Factor Investigations problems and adventures, including the X-Cell and Singularity Investigations stuff, and the affair with the Purity Singers.

He somehow arranged for a young French girl named Nicole (actually an android created by Huber) to be taken in by M and Siryn in Paris, seemingly of their own free will. This despite later stating that M and Siryn are immune to his telepathic suggestions.

who convinced Jamie Madrox, Cyclops, and Beast to organize a "Million Mutant March" political rally to get mutants declared an endangered species by the United States government. However, Layla Miller told Madrox that one of Huber's agents had tried to kill her, and it was revealed that Huber's plan was a plot to get all the mutants in one place so they could be destroyed. Then he teleported the team to a frozen wasteland.

When Layla Miller survived a murder attempt by Nicole (thanks to a mentally unstable Quicksilver's intervention), Huber's plans came undone. Layla warned Madrox about Huber, who then fought Madrox, Strong Guy and Wolfsbane. Huber teleported the three to the Antarctic. They were then out of communication range of M and Siryn, who were busy on a case, which had also been arranged by Huber, with the aid of a family of mutant haters. M became worried and flew back to X-Factor Investigations Headquarters, arriving just in time to stop Huber from smashing Rictor with a car, who had been more or less successfully fighting Huber. He was immune to the direct applications of Huber's mutant powers because Rictor was using Terrigen Crystals he had left over from his time with Quicksilver. Huber turned to sand and floated away, disdaining tedious fighting in favour his planned genocide. He returned to his icy cave.

Years later, the demoness Jezebel came to him, to propose him a new genocide plan.


Joseph is a very powerful being who can duplicate mutant's abilities.

Power Mimicry. He's displayed the eye beams of Cyclops, the steel skin of Colossus, turned to sand like Dust, personal teleportation similar to Nightcrawler (complete with purple smoke and BAMF!), and he froze Rictor in ice like Iceman and he's mentioned having the technological aptitude of Forge. He has said that he has the powers of every mutant on Earth. His power absorption is automatic. While he can control the powers he uses, he cannot turn off his ability to absorb powers.

He may also have been using shapeshifting abilities; when Rictor touched him and cancelled his powers, he became bald with scarred skin.

Telepathy Huber has the telepathic abilities of every telepath on Earth. He is able to listen to the thoughts of every mutant on Earth. At first it appeared that he could hear the thoughts of every person on Earth, but later seemed to be targeting mutants exclusively, claiming they are driving him mad. He is also able to subtly influence the minds of others, both on an individual scale and with groups. However, he has a mental block keeping him from overtly manipulating their minds. He has only demonstrated this power while in close proximity to his targets, and while he is actually having a conversation with the targets, perhaps needing his voice to make the actual suggesting while using his telepathy to create a false sense of trust and believability.

Super-human durability : He survived to a truck impact without a scratch.

Also, he and his agents seem to be invisible to Layla Miller's precognitive powers. This was due to a "chaotic randomizing generator" he built using Forge's powers and put in the android Nicole. Nicole, when next to Layla, thwarted her short-term precognition. However, it was shown that Layla doesn't posses precotion, but it was an adult Layla who returned from the future, who uploaded all the knowledge about her lifetime and information from the next 80 years into the mind of her younger self at Saint Joan's Orphanage just after M-Day before Layla came to join X-Factor Investigations.

Curiously, Rictor, a depowered mutant, also seems immune to his mind control, as well as all his other powers. This may or may not be due to Terrigen crystals Rictor had leftover from X-Factor's run-in with Quicksilver.

He arranged for Siryn to be away when he met with X-Factor, Cyclops, and Beast, considering her a threat despite her lack of telepathic abilities.

Strength level

Given that he has the access to every mutant power on Earth, he is potentially as physically strong as the strongest mutants.


He has a mental block preventing him from killing mutants. Being close to another telepath creates mental feedback, causing him pain. He also requires medication to control his powers.


Telepathy-suppressing drugs, access to tremendously advanced technological devices of his own design



  • In an interview, Peter David (Isolationist's creator) said that he was not a mutant, but failed to say how, exactly, he got his powers.[1]

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