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Josef Mengele was a high ranking Nazi official, known as the "Angel of Death".[1]

During the Lebengebrochennacht, the night where the Nazis began hunting mutants, Mengele himself theorized the captured mutants organs and tissue transplanted into the human physiognomy, believing this could hold the key to a master race.[1]

Under his project "Griffin", his scientists surgically implanted mutant hearts, lungs, or frontal lobes into human test subjects, to see if their biology could withstand mutant genetics. Most of his experiments failed, but he found one success with one group: children. Children were the ideal test subjects, because they believed the lies they were told. Mengele called that group of test subjects "Taktreisenders", translated "Little Time Travelers".[1]

However, his leader, Adolf Hitler decided that the cross-breed represented a threat to the war effort, believing they could teleport themselves to his bed and straight-up kill him, so Mengele ordered the destruction of the test subjects, and nearly wiped them all out, if the Allies hadn't liberated the camp before he was through.[1]



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