Malpractice is a member of Hydra's D.O.A. - Department of Occult Armaments alongside Lt. Belial, Innards, Pyre and Rotwrap. D.O.A. would come into conflict with the Nightstalkers when they targeted Hannibal King to be a specimen for Hydra when they planned to develop vampiric troopers.

Fear Itself- The Fearless

Malpractice and the rest of DOA reappear to do a simple recon mission for Sin as she attempts to retrieve the mystical hammers when they are scattered throughout the world after the Worthy and the Serpent are defeated. The DOA manage to place a spider shaped tracking device on Valkyrie as she attempts to retrieve the mystic hammers before they fall into the wrong hands.

After Sin took over control of the D.O.A, Innards was part of a team that attacked Valkyrie, lead by Crossbones, to steal the hammers of the Serpent that Valkyrie had collected. During the battle, Valkyrie stabbed Malpractice through the chest with Dragonfang, killing him. [1]

  • Real name revealed in Fear Itself: The Fearless Hardcover.

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