Quote1 Josef Skala. Russian national. Hired muscle and assassin for everyone from the KGB to Rancor Deathstrike to the Russian mob. Linked to at least eighty-seven murders. Quote2
-- Punisher src

Detective Sara Pezzini and her partner Detective Patrick Gleason are riding in the back of a prison transfer truck with a criminal named Brunt. Brunt is turning State's evidence against the Russian mafia and there are many interested parties whom would sooner see him dead than inside a courtroom.

One of these people happens to be the Punisher. The Punisher forces the police van off the road, and opens up the back. Holding Sara and Gleason at gunpoint, he forces them to handcuff one another and brings them inside a nearby cabin. Sarah calls upon the power of the Witchblade to free herself and attacks the Punisher. As the two fight one another, Brunt breaks free and leaps onto Sara. The Witchblade digs into Brunt's flesh, causing massive amounts of pain.

Suddenly, Brunt's head explodes in a spray of blood, and Sara sees the Punisher standing behind the headless body holding a smoking shotgun. The two argue with one another about their respective missions, but ultimately they each go their separate ways.[1]

  • Brunt has murdered a total of one hundred and nine people.[1]

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