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Joseph Calamari

Real Name
Joseph A. Calamari
The Squid,[1] Joe Squid,[1] Joe Calamari[1]

President, Chief Executive Officer


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Personal History

Joseph Calamari has been President[1] and Chief Executive Officer[2] of Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc. from June 23, 1997[3] until October 01, 1998.[2]

When Carl Icahn took control of Marvel Entertainment Group removing former owner Ronald Perelman, he fired both Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Scott Sassa and President David J. Schreff.[1] While he became Chairman, Icahn hired Joseph Calamari, a former Marvel executive, to be the company's new President[3][4][1] and C.E.O.[2]

When the Federal Tribunal appointed a Federal Trustee named John J. Gibbons to run Marvel, Calamari remained in charge as President and C.E.O,[2] later fired by Isaac Perlmutter after Toy Biz, Inc. had been merged into Marvel Entertainment Group to form Marvel Enterprises, Inc. on October 01, 1998. His replacement as President and Chief Executive Officer has been longtime Toy Biz executive Joseph Ahearn, who had previously held both titles at Perlmutter's toy company.[2]

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