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Joseph Calamari

Real Name
Joseph A. Calamari
The Squid,[1] Joe Squid,[1] Joe Calamari[1]

Formerly Chief Executive Officer, President, Interim President, Executive Vice President


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Joseph A. Calamari has been a senior executive officer and former shareholder of Marvel Entertainment's several incarnations and affiliates since 1982, when he was brought in as Executive Vice President of Business Affairs by Marvel Comics Group's then-parent company, Cadence Industries Corporation, to replace Alice Donenfeld, Vice President of Business Affairs.[2][3]

Cadence Industries Corporation

Joe Calamari was hired "right out of law school" by Sheldon Feinberg, Chairman of Cadence Industries Corporation, the conglomerate of which Marvel Comics Group was a division of,[2] in 1971.[4] In 1982,[3] Calamari was appointed Executive Vice President of Business Affairs of Marvel Comics Group.[2] In early 1983, Calamari, together with Marvel's President Jim Galton, Cadence Chairman Sheldon Feinberg and three other associates, successfully took Cadence Industries Corporation private in order to defend the company from an hostile corporate takeover operated by investor Mario Gabelli. The seven businessmen formed Cadence Management Incorporated, an entity which directly owned and controlled Cadence, and thus the company's Marvel Comics Group division.[2]

New World Entertainment

On December 2, 1986 Cadence formed a subsidiary named Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc. which acquired ownership of the subsidiaries Marvel Productions Ltd. and Marvel Comics Ltd. (also known as Marvel UK), as well as the Marvel Comics Group division.[5] Galton was appointed President, while Calamari was appointed Executive Vice President of Business Affairs of the newly-formed subsidiary, and both kept their titles after Cadence sold Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc. to New World Pictures Ltd. in the following days.[6] New World Pictures renamed itself New World Entertainment Ltd. on July 27, 1987 to better reflect its new status quo as an entertainment company after the Marvel acquisition,[5] but two years later, on January 6, 1989, New World sold Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc. to Revlon Chairman Ronald Perelman's Andrews Group Incorporated.[7]

MacAndrews & Forbes

In April 1989 Perelman's Andrews Group, which was a subsidiary of his MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings, Inc., acquired Marvel's former parent company, New World Entertainment, obtaining control of the Marvel Productions Ltd. animation company,[8] which was originally excluded by the previous acquisition.[7] In September 1990 Marvel's Executive Vice President of Development, Terry Stewart, was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer,[5] while former President Jim Galton was named Co-Chairman of the Board. In October 1990, Stewart appointed Joe Calamari as the new President and Chief Executive Officer of Marvel Productions Ltd., replacing longtime studio head Margaret Loesch.[9] Joe was replaced by Rick Ungar as President and Chief Executive Officer of Marvel Productions Ltd. in 1991,[10] and was subsequently appointed Executive Vice President and Chief Strategic Officer of Marvel Entertainment Group, ultimately retiring in 1995.[5]

Marvel Bankruptcy

Joe Calamari was brought out of retirement by Marvel Entertainment Group's new Chairman of the Board, Carl Icahn, who had successfully taken control of Marvel from its former owner Ron Perelman on June 20, 1997. Appointed Interim President of Marvel Entertainment,[5] Calamari was ordered to fire several Marvel's top executives to save money, including President and Chief Operating Officer David J. Schreff on August 15, 1997,[11] as well as President and Chief Executive Officer of Marvel Studios, Avi Arad, on October 20, 1997.[12]

On December 22, 1997, Delaware court Judge Roderick McKelvie appointed former Judge John J. Gibbons as Federal Trustee of Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc., replacing the company's Board of Directors. All the executive officers, including Calamari, kept their positions intact.[5] Effective March 1, 1998, Calamari's contract was renewed by Gibbons, who appointed him President and Chief Executive Officer of the company.[5] He was ultimately terminated by the new ownership[13] when Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc. was acquired by Toy Biz, Inc. (which changed its name in Marvel Enterprises, Inc.) on October 1, 1998.[14]

Professional History

Marvel Comics Group

  • Executive Vice President, Business Affairs - From 1982 to December 2, 1986

Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc.

  • Executive Vice President, Business Affairs - From December 2, 1986 to 1991
  • President & Chief Executive Officer, Marvel Productions Ltd. - From October 1990 to 1991
  • Executive Vice Presient & Chief Strategic Officer - From 1991 to 1995
  • Interim President - From June 20, 1997 to March 1, 1998
  • President & Chief Executive Officer - From March 1, 1998 to October 1, 1998

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