Early Life

Joe Danvers, Jr. was a brilliant architect living in New England[3] He was the youngest son of Joe Danvers, Sr., a former U.S. Navy officer and construction worker.[5] He was born and raised in a Beverly a suburban community to the north of Boston, Massachusetts.[4] He was the second oldest of three children, between Steve and Carol.[5] His father was physically abusive to him and his brother.[6]

Loss of a Brother

His brother Stevie who was meant to go to college enlisted in the military instead, though, and was killed in action abroad. The death of Steve devastated Joe, Jr and the family. This sent his father the drink.[6][7][3]

Father's Deathbed

Joe later moved to Bar Harbor, Maine where Joe, Sr. was diagnosed with lung cancer and the disease spread so rapidly that he needed respirator to breath. Joe, Jr. was there for his parents as always. Carol returned to visit her dying father, but wound up arguing with her mother, Marie Danvers. Joe, Jr was there to witness the two reconcile there differences before she left.[3] Joe, Sr. died not long afterwards.[8]


Despite the fact that their father Joseph used to physically abusive, Joe didn't hold it against him. He did hold resentment towards Carol, since she left home and barely visited her family. When Carol visited the Danvers' summer residence in Harpswell, she got into an argument with Joe over their father, and they visited his grave. When Joe was driving back home intoxicated, he drove off the Cribstone Bridge and crashed into the Harpswell Sound. He suffered a traumatic brain injury,[1] and it took him months to regain consciousness.[9]

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