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Joe Danvers, Jr. was a brilliant architect living in New England.[4] He was the youngest son of Joe Danvers, Sr., a former U.S. Navy officer and construction worker.[5] Joe was raised in a Beverly suburban community north of Boston, Massachusetts.[3] He lived with his older brother Stevie, his step-mother Marie, and his half-sister Carol.[5]

Marie was a deserter agent from the alien Kree Army, whose true origins she had only shared with Joe Sr. Fearing possible retribution from the Kree for Marie's desertion, Joe became overly apprehensive over the years,[2] causing him to become physically abusive to Joe Jr. and Stevie.[6] The family was further ruptured after Stevie was killed in action in the military.[6]

Despite the fact that Joe Sr. was abusive, Joe Jr. didn't hold it against him following his death due to lung cancer. He did hold resentment towards Carol, since she had left home and barely visited her family in part due to her career as a super hero. When Carol paid Joe and Marie a visit at the family's summer residence in Harpswell, she got into an argument with Joe over their father while visiting his grave. When Joe was driving back home intoxicated, he drove off the Cribstone Bridge and crashed into the Harpswell Sound. He suffered a traumatic brain injury,[1] and it took him months to regain consciousness. During this time, Carol stayed in Harpswell to attend to Joe and help Marie.[7]

Shortly after Joe woke up, the Danvers residence was attacked by a Kree Kleaner on the search for Marie. She saw herself forced to reveal her true nature to Joe and Carol,[8] and managed to fend off the assailant, giving her enough time to explain her story to her children.[2] When the Kleaner returned shortly afterwards, Marie joined forces with Carol to fight off the alien soldier, but Marie was killed. In the following weeks after Marie's death, Joe finished recovering from his injuries, and he took off on a boat on a journey of self-discovery.[9]


  • Joseph was Carol's younger brother, but after the retcon, he became her older half-brother from her father's previous marriage to make Carol's new origin as a Human/Kree hybrid more coherent.

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