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Joseph John Barney

Joseph John Barney

Real Name
Joseph John Barney
Joe Barney; Joseph Barney; J.J. Barney

Marvel; Continuity


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Professional History

Joseph Barney began his career as an illustrator at the age of 19 at Continuity Associates in New York City, the commercial art studio headed by comics legend Neal Adams. There he spent five years in the workplace learning the art of graphic storytelling in a wide variety of disciplines, including comic books, storyboards, animatics and general illustration.

Working as a freelancer on Madison Avenue for over a decade, he turned out hundreds of TV storyboards and animatics for virtually every major New York agency. He free-lanced as a comic book penciller as well, drawing such famous Marvel Comics characters as The Hulk, Thor, Silver Surfer, and Fantastic Four, as well as penciling special deluxe magazine-format books like Marvel’s adaptation of the film “2010”.

In the mid-nineties, Joe moved west to explore the burgeoning multimedia arena. Among his commissions: character design for Broderbund software's Carmen Sandiego series; full-color comic strip art for a web adventure series for Eplay, an educational children's web site; storyboards, production paintings and animation artwork for a wide variety of computer games (with titles as diverse as Marty The Mouse and Akuji The Heartless); and a multimedia film noir detective series for I.T. consulting firm Xpedior.

In 2012, he created room concepts and designs for IGX Entertainment’s GAMETIME “interactive history of video games” exhibit, as well as for ENCOUNTERS, a “history of UFO’s” museum for the SyFy Channel. He’s also taught courses in comic book illustration at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. Recently he launched a new company, COMMUNICOMICS, specializing in comics and multimedia for corporate and educational communications.

His current personal projects include an original animation property (with writer Cary Bates and producer Ilya Salkind), a darkly humorous dinosaur story, for which he has designed more than twenty characters and numerous animatics.

- From Barney's COMMUNICOMICS.COM website

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