Joseph Langrock was the head of the richest family in the Alaskan town of Burns, owning multiple businesses in and around town, which included a cannery, a mill, a fishing fleet and the Langrock Lumber logging company. His businesses provided employment to the town while also allowing Langrock to investing a lot of money back into Burns.[1] However, the family's official business was in fact but a front for a major drug smuggling operation, which was being covered by their alliance with the local Sheriff Ridge.[2]

Joseph had two sons, Brent and Hudson, but his wife had died giving birth to their youngest son, which caused both Joseph and Brent to resent and abuse Hundson well into his adulthood. Eventually deciding to end his life, Hudson attempted to overdose on their own drug supply by consuming a lethal dose of fethanyl. However instead of dying, Hudson awoke naked and covered in blood and discovered that he was reborn as a Wendigo. He began taking revenge on his family by first killing all of Brent's past girlfriends, then killing Brent himself, and finally exacting revenge on his father.[3]

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