Quote1 I shoulda used this rock sooner! First I'll get rid of You. Then I'll get rid of Osborn! I'll own this Town! Ready for a real fight, tough guy? Quote2
-- Hammerhead src

Joseph Lorenzini was born with a deformity: he had a flat, thick skull that set him apart from everyone else. He worked as a circus freak under the name "The Human Bulldozer", before being recruited by The Goblin as a lieutenant and loan shark in his criminal empire. In their first encounter, The Spider-Man stealthily took down his henchmen and fought Hammerhead while he used a giant machine gun. The Spider-Man had to wait for Hammerhead to stop firing before sneaking up behind him to defeat him. Eventually, Hammerhead decided to unleash the powers of the Tablet of Order and Chaos, and had giant guns fused to his arms.The Spider-Man then took him down by getting him to shoot at engines while attacking him from within a shroud of steam. Once Hammerhead was defeated, The Spider-Man retrieved the fragment and moved on. He is last seen attempting ordering his underlings to tie his weapons to his hands, to simulate the power he possessed with the Tablet.[1]


Enhanced Durability: Hammerhead was able to knock through thick sheets of ice due to his skull being inches thick.


Seemingly those of the Joseph of Earth-616.

  • Joseph Lorenzini was voiced by John DiMaggio.[1]
  • The Hammerhead of the Noir universe was created exclusively for the game. The reason was said to be because Hammerhead's gangster modus operandi made him a perfect villain for the Noir universe's dark and gritty 1930's feel.

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