Joseph "Robbie" Robertson was a childhood friend of Lonnie Lincoln. When Robbie agreed to help his friend rob a grocery store one day, they were spotted by the police but Robbie ran off, leaving Lonnie to face the consequences. Lonnie spent time in a Young Offenders Institution and when he was released exacted his revenge on Robbie, by luring him to a Spauling Chemical Plant where Robbie would be framed for breaking in. When Robbie met with Lonnie at the plant Lonnie accidentally tripped and fell into a pool of chemicals. Robbie waited for the police to arrive, and Lonnie was pronounced dead.

Robbie later secured a job at the Daily Bugle, married Martha and raised a son who they named Randy.

During his time at the Bugle, Robbie discovered that Lonnie had survived the chemical incident and became a criminal hitman called "Tombstone". Tombstone was working for Alisa Silvermane at the time and tried to use Robbie to get rid of some incriminating photos the newspaper had of her. Robbie refused but Tombstone used Randy, who had been accepted into Tombstone's posse to blackmail Robbie. The plan failed and Robbie with help from Spider-Man dissuaded Randy from crime and Tombstone was caught by the police.

Robbie is fond of Spider-Man and believes he is a hero, especially after he helped Robbie with the Tombstone scandal. He berates his boss J. Jonah Jameson when he criticizes the wall-crawler. Robbie is also good friends with Peter.


Seemingly those of Joseph Robertson (Earth-616)#Powers

Strength level

Seemingly that of a normal human male of his size.

Robbie's voice was provided by Rodney Saulsberry.

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