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Joe Smith was a regular guy who wanted to be a professional fighter, but after failing in both boxing and wrestling he realizes he couldn't last in the ring. Even though he was ridiculed by the other fighters, he befriended his manager Tommy Tomkins, who got Joe a job as a movie extra.[2]

During a scene, an arc light fell into a puddle of chemicals Joe was standing in and shocked him. Stunned, but not killed, he did another scene and took his aggression out on others for being ridiculed for so long. Joe had a complex of being made fun of, of others laughing at him, and people trying to hold him down.[2]

After the accident, he would revert back and forth from an aggressive personality willing to fight anyone for any reason to a calm and rational thinking person. After a period of time, he lost this aggression and his manager was able to get him a larger role in a new film, starting Joe down the path to Hollywood.[2]

After reaching Hollywood, he starred as The Crimson Bat and started a romance with Liz, a script-writer. After he married her, the show was canceled and she gave birth to a son, Joe Jr, who had birth defects, and as a result of the shock, the couple divorced. Joe Jr. died from his condition, setting Joe off again only to be helped by Captain America. As a result of the experience with his son, Joe worked at a children's center to help similar kids.[3]

Powers and Abilities

Power Grid[4]
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Temporarily obtained increased strength but has been told this has worn off.

Physical Strength

Better than average strength and size


Poor fighting skills


He shares the same name as the founder of the Mormon Church.

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