Originally an office worker who became frustrated by what he perceived as persecution at the hands of immigrants, Glenn took it upon himsef to continue the Hate-Monger's legacy after learning about the villain through various conspiracy theory websites. After wearing a Hate-Monger hood to work he was fired, a few months later his wife had a restraining order filed against him. Glenn's paranoid anti-immigrant attitudes culminated in an attempt to steal firearms from a local pawn shop, which resulted in his capture at the hands of the Black Panther.[1]

Following Glenn's release, the consciousness of the original Hate-Monger entered his body, as it did to his cloned bodies, granting him the abilities and experience of the real Hate-Monger. The Hate-Monger then set out to enact his revenge on Black Panther, recruiting a new nationalist vigilante known as the American Panther as part of his scheme. Black Panther was able to make a device to banish the Hate-Monger's life energy from him, he was then taken into custody for taking over a police precinct. Before being taken away he said, "I was never more myself than when I was Hate-Monger ".[2]

Retroactive Assassin

He would later flee into the past to the year 1965 with the help of Hydra, in order to murder a young child in Hawaii. He was stopped in his assassination attempt by the Nick Furies.[3]

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