Joshua Crown

Joshua Crown was the owner of a hotel that was run down and losing business by 1946. Due to the success of the hotel next door he developed the identity of the Ghoul to murder and rob the patrons of the 13th floor of the rival hotel hoping to play on the superstitions about that hotel after a patron was once murdered on the 13th floor years earlier.

He made the mistake of causing his crimes on the night Madeline Joyce (secretly Miss America) was staying at the hotel. When Crown killed his first victim, he succeeded in stealing his ring and escaping after a brief fight with the heroine. Later that night, he attacked another patron whom he stole the ring from before tossing them out the window of their room. That patron was saved by Miss America, however the frightened guests all left the hotel.

Hoping to trap the Ghoul, Miss America changed back into her civilian guise and put on an expensive ring to lure the killer out of hiding. Sure enough the Ghoul attacked and Madeline managed to land a solid punch in his face before changing into Miss America in the dark and chasing him away. The Ghoul smashed out a window and leapt into his own hotel. Stashing his stolen loot and costume in a customers room, Crown then resumed his post at the sign in desk. When Miss America approached him, he brought her to the "killers" room, however noticing the bruise on Crown's face, Miss America subdued Crown instead and turned him over to the authorities.[1]

His subsequent fate is unknown.

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