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Agent Joshua Foley is a fully trained S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent specializing in interrogation and torture techniques. Agent Foley is partnered with Agent Ford. Agent Ford's powers cause organic material to decay or wither then Foley can use his biokinesis to force the cells back to life. The net effect is negligible, but the procedure is quite painful.[1]

Agents Foley and Ford were assigned to interrogate the terrorist Cameron Hodge after his failed suicide bombing attempted on the New Mutants Leadership Institute and his capture. Before they were able to get any information out of Hodge about the Human Liberation Front, Surge, shocked by S.H.I.E.L.D.'s torture tactics, stopped the interrogation and subdued Ford and Foley. After Surge got information from Hodge about her father, Hodge asked her to kill him and she grudgingly complied. When Foley and Ford recovered, they discovered Hodge's dead body and called Agent Moonstar to inform her that Surge is going after her father in Tokyo, Japan.[1]

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  • Agent Foley has golden skin, so he either healed himself at some point or his secondary mutation was activated by some other means.
  • Unlike Earth-616 Elixir, Agent Foley's skin does not appear to become metallic black when he uses his biological manipulation powers to harm. This is displayed when he wounds Surge's lungs.[1]

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