When Josh Guthrie's family home was attacked by the forces of Apocalypse, his father defended his family until his death.[1] While he and his siblings Liz and Sam joined with Apocalypse, becoming members of the Elite Mutant Force,[2] his sister, Paige, sided with Magneto's X-Men.[3]

Joshua's activities while Apocalypse was still in power remain a mystery. During this time, Paige and her teammates in the junior team, Generation Next, were abandoned and left for dead by their mentor Colossus.[4]

Following the fall of Apocalypse,[5] all those who followed Apocalypse were declared war criminals and hunted down by the government sanctioned X-Men.[6] Joshua reunited with Liz and Sam and upon searching the Portland Core where Paige was left to die, they found their sister alive and well.[7] Paige wanted revenge against the X-Men and her siblings were more than happy to help her. While Paige posed as a new student named Xorn, Joshua, and the others attacked Washington, D.C. to distract the X-Men away from their headquarters.[8] Retreating when Paige succeeded in taking Rogue and her son Charles hostage, Joshua, and the others battled the X-Men again; however, Magneto was uninterested in taking prisoners. After watching Sunfire incinerate Liz, the Guthrie brothers attempted to escape. They didn't make it very far as Magneto trapped them in metal and crushed them to death.[7]

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