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Dr. Joshua Itobo is one of the cousins of T'Challa, alias the modern Black Panther and the royal family of Wakanda. He, alongside two other cousins, were organized as the so-called Black Musketeers when to overthrow Jakarra, a Wakandan military officer and half-brother to T'Challa who'd staged a coup d'état. As the Black Panther-inspired Musketeers, they fought the dictator valiantly, even after Jakarra mutated himself into a monstrous super-being by exposing himself to Vibranium, until T'Challa reappeared.[1] Itobo stayed around for a short time aiding his cousin on scientific matters, including his clash with Kiber the Cruel.[2]

In more recent years, Itobo reappeared; wishing to see Wakanda advance into a modern, industrialized nation, he fell into a one-sided partnership with Klaw, which ended with a supersonic assault that destroyed Itobo's home. Found by T'Challa, he was taken to a hospital where he recuperated, but left deaf by the attack.[3]

His current whereabouts and activities are unknown.

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Josha Itobo is highly intelligent, and has some training and experience with hand-to-hand combat.

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