While happily working at his part time job one day, laying bricks and pouring cement, Joshua Waldemeyer was caught in a sudden explosion. The blast sent one of the walls Joshua had been working on tumbling down on top of him. Instead of crushing Joshua, the accident binds him with the bricks, creating a living wall.

Soon after his accident, Joshua finds himself wreaking havoc, stumbling into a New York Mets game, interfering with the players and manipulating the umpires, and ultimately knocking out an ump. Spider-Man, who just happened to be at the game taking it in on an off-day, steps in to save the day.

Spider-Man's webbing is powerless against the Wall, and he does not feel any pain from Spidey's physical attacks. The umpire then comes to and gets mad, stating that non-players are not allowed on the field, forcing Spider-man and the Wall to leave promptly.

Spider-Man and the Wall then retreat to a nearby park bench and talk things out.[1]


Joshua Waldemeyer was a happy student, working an after school job, though his accident left him obviously angry and upset. Spider-Man appears to have been able to talk him down to a reasonable level.


  • Superhuman Speed: The Wall has been seen moving faster than an average man, let alone a brick wall.


  • Toppling: The Wall can topple himself over and right himself back up.

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