Josie Hart was a gifted scientist and a member of the Baxter Building's Think Tank that was relocated to Pinhead Buttes, Oregon. She and the Think Tank were kidnapped by Mole Man and brought to an ancient Lemurian underground city beneath Pinhead Buttes in order to recolonize this subterranean metropolis. When the Fantastic Four came to stop Mole Man, Josie led the think tank in defeating Mole Man by utilizing the city's advanced technology and decisively told the Four and their government handlers such as General Thunderbolt Ross that she and her group decided to stay underground as they had grown disgusted in having their government in using their knowledge for war.[1]

Josie admires Sue Storm beneath Pinhead Buttes

Josie and her group later discovered a hatched egg - later then revealed to be a dangerous creature known as a Hydra - located in the lower caverns and called in Sue Storm for her biological analysis. It is then revealed between them that Josie is a lesbian and has an open crush on Sue Storm.[2] Thereafter, Josie was alerted by Gus Axelrod that more Hydra eggs were located underneath where the original egg was found. When the hatched Hydra in the form of the The Seven appeared with the intention of hatching a massive amount of their kin, Josie and her colleagues tried to delay them only to be caught and brought to the hatchery chamber to witness their "multiplication". Fortunately, Josie and the others were rescued by the Four and Namor.[3]

During the events of Ultimatum, Josie was approached by Ben Grimm in needing her help in finding Mole Man for his expertise in order to heal a comatose Sue Storm, in which Josie immediately agreed. She and her colleagues joined Grimm and found the Mole Man and his creations being held captive by Lava Men. Assisting Grimm, Josie and her group were able to free the Mole Man and his Ani-Men.[4]

The Final Incursion

If she was alive at the time, Josie most likely died when the entire universe came to an end as a consequence of a phenomenon known as an incursion.

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