When she was younger Josie and Micky's father left the family under undisclosed conditions. Josie watched helplessly as Micky started mixing with the wrong crowd.[1]

Sometime later Micky and Josie encountered and befriended Meggan before she learned how to control her powers effectively. At this time in her life she resembled a were-creature with bat like wings and she was living in an abandoned building near their home. For a number of weeks the two brought her things she needed, mostly food and clothing, and stayed with her and kept her calm.[2]

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When Captain Britain stumbled upon Meggan when she attacked a homeless man named Sidney Crumb because he stunk like a dead animal. He chased her into her hideout and the two fought each other in the dark. Minutes later Josie and Micky arrived and confronted Captain Britain and tried to explain about their friend as Meggan watched from above. Thinking he was going to attack her only friends, Meggan attacked Captain Britain again which caused several beams to become dislodged and fell on top of Micky killing him.[2]

Both Captain Britain and Meggan were consumed with grief over the death of Micky. Meggan hid from Josie but stayed close to her family vowing to protect them, but not to come near them in fear of harming them further and Captain Britain threw himself into crime fighting almost to the point of exhaustion.[1]

Eventually both of them ended up at the Scott's residence one night to express their grief and sorrow for Micky's passing. Josie accuses Captain Britain of being one of the "Establishment stooges" shortly after he arrives. Josie's mother Joan told both of them that she didn't blame them for her son's death, but instead said she had been expecting it ever since her husband left them and he fell in with a bad crowd. They start to have a good time and drink tea but a group of advanced bounty hunters break into the house, attempting to attack Captain Britain. Captain Britain and Meggan manage to defeat the bounty hunters and chase them off. While the attack did cause large amounts of damage to the Scott's house, it would mean that the family would be able to get a council house outside of the slum.[1]

Years later Josie, Joan and Bob attended Brian and Meggan's wedding in Otherworld.[3]



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