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Appearing in "Defying the Magic of... Mad Merlin!"

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Synopsis for "Defying the Magic of... Mad Merlin!"

Thor overhears a shore crew state that they are unloading the sarcophagus of the legendary Merlin. He wonders what it would be like if Merlin were alive today. Then entering his office window, Thor returns to his identity of Dr. Don Blake. He emerges from his office to be scolded by his nurse Jane Foster because he has been ignoring his patients for over an hour. He could not tell her he was busy saving a bus load of people who fell off a bridge into the river.

At the museum, Merlin's sarcophagus is opened to reveal his body still in perfect condition. As soon as the workers leave, Merlin awakens and recalls how he used to use his mutant powers of telepathy, levitation and teleportation to fake magic. Reading a newspaper he learns of a missile test at Cape D'or and uses his powers to send the missile off course.

Alerted by a radio broadcast, Thor arrives and corrects the missile's course. He then goes to Asgard to see if the imprisoned Loki is behind the mishap. Loki reveals that Merlin is the one responsible. Thor heads to the museum to check out Loki's claim.

But Merlin has teleported himself to Washington DC, where he enters the White House to try to take the country from President Kennedy. Thor arrives, and a battle follows with Merlin using the Washington Monument as a super-lance and animating the statue from the Lincoln Memorial.

Their powers evenly matched, Thor decides to take a gamble. He strikes his hammer, returning to the form of Blake. He then convinces Merlin that he is a shape shifter and able to became thousands of more powerful forms. He orders Merlin to return to his sarcophagus for another 1000 years.

Later, in the operating room, Jane comments that when it comes to the operating table, Dr Blake is a magician.

Appearing in "Call Her Medusa"

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Synopsis for "Call Her Medusa"

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Appearing in "Frederick Fenton's Future"

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  • Frederick Fenton


Synopsis for "Frederick Fenton's Future"

This story has basically the same plot as "The Last Man on Earth" in Amazing Adult Fantasy Vol 1 7 just swapping a time machine for a bomb shelter as the 'mechanism of isolation'. The protagonist thinks to himself that he can simply reset the time machine to a period before humanity left Earth, but then realizes in the post-industrial ruins there is no electricity, and so he sets out to build an electrical generator in the years he has left to him.


  • Sequence 1 Defying the Magic of... Mad Merlin! plot by Lee, script by Bernstein (credited as R. Berns).
  • Despite his claims in the issue, the "Merlin" featured here is later revealed not to be the legendary wizard who served in Arthur's court. He is instead a mutated human who later reappears under the name Maha Yogi. He possesses a fragment of the Bloodgem, which grants the wearer immortality. The real Merlin first appeared in Young Allies #11.

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