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Synopsis for "The Man Who Didn't Exist!"

A man rock climbing falls into a spaceship and bumps his head. When he comes to and leaves the craft, he finds that people he has known all his life in his home town do not recognize him. He begins to suspect them of being disguised aliens and cries out a warning. The townspeople gather around him to listen until one of them points out that he is, in fact, on Venus.

Appearing in "Those Who Dream!"

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Synopsis for "Those Who Dream!"

A professor wants to give a lecture on the topic of dreams having the ability to foretell the future. He receives a letter from the committee rejecting his proposal because he hasn't had such an experience himself. An alarm goes off and the professor wakes up. He gets out of bed to collect his mail where he finds a letter exactly like the one in his dream.

Appearing in "The Wreckers!"

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Synopsis for "The Wreckers!"

The Merrywell mansion has a legend the house will not be destroyed as long as one Merrywell still lives. A contractor is hired to demolish it and thinks the legend is superstition but accidents continue to happen to his workers. Ultimately he sets off dynamite and the house still stands. He begins to change his mind when suddenly the mansion collapses and he figures that it was just a delayed reaction. When driving in his car he hears a report come over the radio that the last Merrywell has died when the moving van he was riding in went off the road.

Appearing in "The Ship That Wasn't There!"

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Synopsis for "The Ship That Wasn't There!"

Ferris is a resident of a retirement home who claims to be building a spaceship no one can see because the materials and his tools only reflect cosmic rays which do not penetrate Earth's atmosphere. The director thinks he's senile and will have to notify his family but Ferris has disappeared. The ground where Ferris claimed to be building the ship has been scorched with radioactivity.

Appearing in "Man Alone!"

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Synopsis for "Man Alone!"

Fred's friend Peter is a mutant with advanced telepathic powers. Peter determines a malignant alien presence is telepathically attacking humanity so it can take over Earth. Peter builds a spaceship so it can drop bombs on uninhabited areas and unite all of mankind's mental energy against the alien threat. It works and Peter disappears, leaving Fred happy he is just a normal person.

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