Appearing in "Who Dwells Inside the Mountain?"

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Synopsis for "Who Dwells Inside the Mountain?"

Leprechauns give a shrinking potion to a gold prospector in order to induct him into their ranks.

Appearing in "Not Quite Human!"

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Synopsis for "Not Quite Human!"

An android leads a revolt aboard a spaceship heading for Venus unaware that the crew are androids as well.

Appearing in "In Your Hat"

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Synopsis for "In Your Hat"

A magician is marooned on a primitive island where he impresses the locals into collecting pearls for him. He spies a freighter and attempts to leave, but the locals don't want him to go. He tells the medicine man the magic word is 'Hocus Pocus' and asks him not to use it before he leaves. When the captain demands payment, the native has uttered the word and finds pearls in the hat, while the magician can only produce a rabbit for the captain.

Appearing in "The House of Secrets!"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "The House of Secrets!"

Two Martians adopt a young man from Jupiter when he is accidentally left behind by his parents. The reader is led to believe that all three of them are ordinary humans until the last panel.

Appearing in "He Went Too Far"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "He Went Too Far"

The foreman of a rocket testing plant gets caught by the leg when the rocket blasts off. Not only does he survive the trip through space, but he talks (without a spacesuit) to the fortune teller who predicted his business success on the moon. When he refuses to pay her for telling his fortune, she heads back to Earth on a broom, abandoning him on the moon.

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