Appearing in "He Hides in the Night!"

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Synopsis for "He Hides in the Night!"

A thief enters a spaceship looking for something to steal and finds a Martian who is attempting to escape custody of men from Mercury. He offers the thief diamonds in exchange for his aid and the thief agrees. He socks the aliens and the Martian and he hightail it back to the Martian's spaceship. They blast off, but the thief wants to return to Earth. The Martian tells him that the diamonds he promised are back on Mars. The thief says to forget about the diamonds, but the men from Mercury follow in their spaceship and blast the Martian ship so that they are struck drifting aimlessly in space.

Appearing in "The Strange Stone"

Featured Characters:

  • Johnny

Races and Species:

Synopsis for "The Strange Stone"

Johnny finds a magic wishing stone, but wishes it away because magic would make life no fun.

Appearing in "He Never Grew Old!"

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Synopsis for "He Never Grew Old!"

A man who claims to be one hundred years old looks no older than fifty so when he attempts to claim a pension the boss hires a private detective to investigate him. The detective tracks the man to Florida where he has discovered the fountain of youth. The detective takes a drink as well and returns to write up his report for his boss. When the boss reads it he dismisses it as nonsense and sends for the detective. When the detective enters the office the boss is shocked to be confronted with a young boy.

Appearing in "It Happened to Finnegan!"

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Synopsis for "It Happened to Finnegan!"

Finnegan's horse racing partner O'Hara dies but becomes reincarnated into their horse Miracle. Miracle couldn't win races before O'Hara's death but now makes Finnegan's dream of owning a horse in the winner's circle come true.

Appearing in "The Living Dream!"

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Synopsis for "The Living Dream!"

The plot of this story is similar to the fourth story in Amazing Adult Fantasy Vol 1 10 except the performer doesn't die.

Appearing in "The Flying Saucers!"

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Synopsis for "The Flying Saucers!"

A man who served as a bomber pilot during the war dreams of becoming an architect but is told his work lacks imagination. He returns to commercial flying until he sees a flying saucer. His boss doesn't want him to discuss what's he's seen but he refuses to remain silent and is fired. He rents a helicopter and lands on the saucer as it disguises itself in a cloud. He learns the aliens have fled from a disintegrated planet and are seeking a new home. At first he threatens to pilot the ship to a nearby military base in order to prove his assertions but then is struck with inspiration. He is able to become an architect after all by using the alien design as a guide and he invites the aliens to park their spaceship in his neighborhood as his new home.

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