Appearing in "The Ice-Creatures Cometh!"

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Synopsis for "The Ice-Creatures Cometh!"

A greedy man finds creatures buried in ice who promise him gold if he helps them in their conquest. At first he agrees, but when they turn their sights upon his own country and his son joins the army in its defense, he tricks the creatures into boarding ships which sail into a glacier and they are frozen once more.

Appearing in "They Met at Midnight!"

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Synopsis for "They Met at Midnight!"

An old man falls in love with a young woman so he searches for some way to make himself young. He is told of a man who can paint a picture of him youthful which will transform him and he seeks him out. When he proposes to the woman, she accepts and he learns that she is actually an old woman who has had her youthful portrait created as well.

Appearing in "When the Moon Vanished!"

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Synopsis for "When the Moon Vanished!"

The moon disappears. A glory hound flies a rocket up to investigate. He meets aliens who inform him they represent a galactic council and have made the moon disappear so their base will not be detected. They do not think Earth has progressed far enough away from being self-centered to be admitted to the council but they offer the rocket pilot a chance to prove them incorrect if he returns to Earth and remains silent about what he has discovered. The temptation to blab is too much for him, but he remains ignorant that the aliens have tricked him into thinking he had really returned to Earth.

Appearing in "The Pig that Prowled!"

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Synopsis for "The Pig that Prowled!"

A scientist invents an intelligence boosting serum, and when he tests it out on himself, he comes up with the idea of having a gang commit robberies and blame it on a super intelligent guinea pig who has escaped his lab. His scheme is undone when the police captain in charge injects himself with some of the same serum and sees through the scientist's scheme.

Appearing in "A World to Conquer"

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Synopsis for "A World to Conquer"

An inventor of a teleporting device sets his sites on claiming Mars for Earth, but is beaten to the punch by a Martian who has gotten the same idea about Earth.

Appearing in "Dinosaur-at-Large"

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Synopsis for "Dinosaur-at-Large"

A man invents a radio which allows him to listen in on his son from the future. The boy has gotten in trouble with a dinosaur which has hatched from an egg. After guiding the future man to a bridge which collapses under the dinosaur, saving his son, he finds junior in the barn attempting to use an incubator to hatch a chicken egg and dad smashes the egg.

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