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Synopsis for "The People Who Couldn't Exist!"

A story similar to Ray Bradbury's Mars Is Heaven except the setting is Pluto and the planet itself is a giant eye which hypnotizes the astronauts.

Appearing in "The Spaceman"

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Synopsis for "The Spaceman"

An astronaut ignorant of special relativity learns the hard way when he returns to Earth after six months in space to find seventy years have passed.

Appearing in "Don't Kill Me Twice!"

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Synopsis for "Don't Kill Me Twice!"

An error of a time machine plucks four people from 1951 away from the moment of their deaths and deposits them in the future. They are hunted down and killed in the same fashion as they should have died by scientists who assure them that the future would be altered if they did not die as they were supposed to.

Appearing in "Beyond Time!"

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Synopsis for "Beyond Time!"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Appearing in "The Four Walls"

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Synopsis for "The Four Walls"

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