Quote1 Him no God! Axe make-em Iron-Head come off… just like chicken head! Quote2
-- Unnamed Caribbean native

Appearing in "One Foot in the Grave"

Featured Characters:

  • Tony the florist

Races and Species:

Synopsis for "One Foot in the Grave"

A man decides to make money by reselling flowers stolen from graves until the dead return to take their flowers back.

Appearing in "Death Finds a Way"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:

Races and Species:

Synopsis for "Death Finds a Way"

Luke Spandin loses the love of his life to Fred Gormit so he goes to the witch Annie Bat-Eyes for a evil curse. Any body part of item attached to a doll will make it a voodoo doll. Luke grabs a handkerchief of Fred's and throws it in the fire but just then the handkerchief falls off and Luke's sweat on the doll causes himself to die.

Appearing in "The Clutching Hands"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "The Clutching Hands"

A writer murders another writer to steal his work, but the dead writer's hands continue to make trouble for him. First, by framing him for the murder of his publisher, then by signing a confession to the killing, and finally by throwing the gallow's switch.

Appearing in "Haunted"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "Haunted"

A ghost scares off potential buyers of a derelict house.

Appearing in "It Can't Miss"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "It Can't Miss"

An accomplice to an escaped con kills a man who looks like his buddy so that the cops will find the body and think the escaped prisoner is dead while he assumes the dead man's identity. For his trouble, he is murdered by the escaped con so as to keep his secret silent. Unfortunately for him, it turns out the identity that he has assumed is that of mental patient permanently locked up in an asylum.

Appearing in "Iron-Head"

Featured Characters:

  • Bronson

Supporting Characters:

  • Mister Nash


  • Unnamed Caribbean natives

Races and Species:


  • The South Pacific


  • Mister Nash's private yacht

Synopsis for "Iron-Head"

Bronson is a grave robber and a murderer. To avoid being captured by the authorities, he accepts a job as a deep-sea diver on a private yacht. Working for a captain named Mister Nash, Bronson discovers that the ship's crew have located a cache of black diamonds at the bottom of the South Pacific. He decides to murder the crew and keep the diamonds for himself. Donning a heavy diving suit, he blows up the yacht and swims to the ocean floor for the diamonds.

Securing his treasure, Bronson slowly walks until he reaches a nearby island. The island is populated with superstitious natives who mistakenly believe that Bronson is some sort of water god. Dubbing him "Iron-Head", they hold him in high regard and keep a steady vigil over him. Bronson is afraid to remove his helmet, because if he reveals himself as a normal human, the natives will kill him. He holds out as long as he can, but within a few days, he begins to fall weak with hunger. The natives will not let him out of their sight, and he refuses to expose himself. Finally, one of the natives cuts off his head with an ax, revealing that he was never truly a god at all.


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