Appearing in "The Master Plan of Mr. Hyde"

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  • Polaris Submarine

Synopsis for "The Master Plan of Mr. Hyde"

As Thor walks through the city, he is jeered at by bypassers who call the police. Thor is unaware that he has been implicated in a bank robbery. As the police fire on him, Thor decides the safest thing to do is to become his alter ego Dr. Don Blake for a time. He recalls how his father Odin has forbidden him to marry the mortal woman Jane Foster, so he decides to ask Odin to make her immortal instead.

As Blake takes Jane out to dinner, they are interrupted by the villain Mister Hyde, who takes them prisoner at gun point. He leaves Blake tied next to a bomb, threatening Jane that he will kill Blake if she resist him. Heading to the East River Naval Yard, Hyde steals a Polaris submarine.

The bound Dr. Blake finally manages to reach his cane, and transform into Thor. Thor pursues Hyde in the submarine, and Odin watches from Asgard as Thor engages Hyde in battle. When Thor drops his hammer for a moment, Jane conceals it - fearful that even if Hyde is defeated, Thor will still be unable to keep Blake from being blown up.

Without his hammer, Thor only has 60 seconds before he will return to his Dr. Blake form. So the Thunder God uses his cape to create a tornado within the sub that conceals his transformation back to Blake and allows him to find his hammer. By the time he can transform back to Thor, Hyde has used the tornado as cover to escape. Before Thor can go searching for him, Jane informs him that Dr Blake is in danger. Thor has to pretend to go rescue his alter ego to keep Jane for learning his secret.

Suddenly Odin appears and angrily informs Thor that he will not make Jane immortal. Her actions in hiding the hammer and allowing the evil Hyde to escape showed that she was unworthy. Thor laments that he may never find happiness.

Appearing in "Tales of Asgard: The Storm Giants"

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Synopsis for "Tales of Asgard: The Storm Giants"

Thor and Loki, as boys, see two Storm Giants stealing the Golden Apples of the goddess Idunn. Entering the giants castle, Thor demands the return of the Apples. When the giant attack him, he tries to drive them back with a pepper shaker. But is captured by them.

Loki burns a pile of wet leaves to fill the castle with smoke and allows Thor to escape. He sees Loki escaping with the Apples on Agnar the King of the Eagles. Thor manages to leap aboard and they escape together.

As a result of saving the Apples, the young Thor is able to lift the hammer Mjolnir a little higher. Odin states that someday it will finally be his.

Appearing in "The Unreal"

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Synopsis for "The Unreal"

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