Quote1 The Cobra and Mr. Hyde!! You are right! Why fight each other when we can join forces to conquer Thor!!?! Quote2
-- Mr. Hyde

Appearing in "The Cobra and Mr. Hyde!"

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Synopsis for "The Cobra and Mr. Hyde!"

The weekly meeting of The Avengers, chaired by Thor and attended by Captain America, Iron Man, Giant-Man and the Wasp, draws to a close. As the Wasp flirts with Giant-Man, Thor comments that Giant-Man is fortunate to be able to take the girl he loves with him. The Wasp attempts to question Thor about his love life, but Giant-Man cuts her off, reminding her that no personal life questions are allowed.

As Thor leaves the meeting, he sees the Cobra hiding nearby and attempts to capture him. The villain uses a "Cobra cable" to throw Thor off balance long enough to escape through a nearby window. The window belongs to the evil scientist Calvin Zabo, who hearing the Cobra, drinks the potion that converts him into Mr. Hyde. Following a brief battle, the two villains realize that they both hate Thor, and agree to work together to defeat the Thunder God.

Meanwhile, Thor reaches his office, where he reverts to his human form as Dr. Don Blake. His nurse, Jane Foster, tries to get Blake jealous by asking to leave early for a date. Pretending to not care, Blake wishes her a good time. Jane leaves, convinced that since Blake did not take the bait, he does not love her.

Mr. Hyde demonstrates a Time Reversal Ray, which displays a backward "movie" of the actions of anyone shot by the ray. He displays the Cobra's battle with himself backward. They plan to follow Thor backward to see where he comes from.

Blake, in his office, hears a news report that Mr. Hyde is on the rampage, and as Thor goes after him. Hyde lures Thor to where the Cobra can shoot him with the Time Reversal Ray. They follow the "movie" backward to where Thor emerges from Blake's office.

Having lost Mr. Hyde, Thor has returned to his office where as Blake he laments his hopeless love for Jane. Suddenly the Cobra and Mr. Hyde burst through the window and seize Blake, demanding the Thor's location. At that moment Jane returns to the office, only to be seized by Hyde who threatens to harm her unless Blake summons Thor.

Blake tells them to get his walking stick out of a nearby cabinet and to tap it on the floor. It's supposed to be a signal to attract Thor. Turning their backs on Blake to watch out the window, Hyde taps the stick and Blake (unseen by them) reverts to Thor.

The villains split and escape in different directions. Thor follows the slower Hyde knowing that eventually, he will lead him to the Cobra. Escaping through an auto junkyard, Mr. Hyde leads Thor into a crowded Colosseum exhibiting a Heavy Machinery Show. Hyde believes the crowd will keep Thor from using his magic hammer effectively. As they battle, unseen by Thor, the Cobra uses a huge mechanical arm to grab Thor's hammer and lock it away from Thor.

With only 60 seconds before he reverts to his human form, Thor is attacked by both villains....

Appearing in "Tales of Asgard: When Heimdall Failed!"

Brimer (Earth-616), Nedra (Earth-616), and Heimdall (Earth-616) from Journey into Mystery Vol 1 105 0001

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Synopsis for "Tales of Asgard: When Heimdall Failed!"

Quote1 Never have I felt this way before!! Never so uncertain—so troubled!! Have I been at my post too long?? Can it be that I am no longer worthy of guarding the all-important Rainbow Bridge?? Quote2

The Storm Giant Brimer complains to his queen Nedra that he can not invade Asgard because the ever-vigilant Heimdall guards their Rainbow Bridge. So Nedra summons a Vanna, an invisible, super fast air sprite that she sends to spy on Asgard and disgrace Heimdall.

Being invisible, the creature slips past Heimdall, who even through he cannot see or hear it, still senses something and swings toward the creature, missing.

The Vanna spies out Asgard, going even into Odin's Royal Chamber. Upon warning sent by Heimdall, Odin reaches out and captures the sprite. Heimdall is summoned to Odin's chamber, where the guardian apologizes for failing in his duty. But rather then punish Heimdall, Odin praises him. He was so loyal that he sensed the Vanna and reported it, even though it made him look foolish to report "nothing". He is returned to his post with Odin's assurance that he is second only to Thor in Odin's heart.


  • Reprinted in Essential Thor 1, Marvel Masterworks: Mighty Thor 2, Giant-Sized Thor 1, Marvel Tales Annual 18
  • credits for Story 1:
    • Written by Happy Stan Lee
    • Drawn by Healthy Jack Kirby
    • Inked by Husky Chic Stone
    • Lettered by Hasty Art Simek


  • This was the first time Mr. Hyde and the Cobra teamed up against Thor.
  • This issue ends with a cliffhanger.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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