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Appearing in "The Thunder God Strikes Back"

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Synopsis for "The Thunder God Strikes Back"

In the last issue, Thor had chased Mr. Hyde and the Cobra into a "Heavy Machine Show" that exhibited various large devices, one of which Cobra had used to grab Thor's hammer. This issue picks up mere moments after last issue's story, where Thor's 60-second time limit is rapidly running out. Causing a quick distraction, Thor hides in the fleeing crowd of bystanders, just as he is forced to change into Dr. Blake. As police surround the show building, Blake is unable to retrieve his walking stick from the machine, and thus cannot change back into Thor. When Mr. Hyde threatens to attack the crowd if Thor doesn't reappear, Blake offers to find Thor for them, if they will retrieve his walking stick from the machine.

When the Cobra fails to retrieve it, Mr. Hyde rips open the machine and gives Blake his cane. Blake charges into the crowd again, and uses their fleeing panic for cover as he changes back into Thor.

During his battle against both the Cobra and Mr. Hyde, the police storm the building, just as Thor has his foes on the ropes. Mr. Hyde escapes by changing into his alter ego of Calvin Zabo. After the Cobra is apprehended by the police, Thor searches for Mr. Hyde, little knowing that Hyde (as Zabo) is following him.

Zabo changes back into his guise of Mr. Hyde and attacks Thor when he least expects it, knocking Thor's hammer from his hand. Thor decides that he can defeat Mr. Hyde with his bare hands before the 60-second limit on his powers runs out. Thor takes advantage of Mr. Hyde's temper to defeat him, and then turns him over to the police.

Changing back to Donald Blake, Thor returns to his office to spend time with Jane Foster. Jane storms out on Blake, after hearing on television the story of how Blake "betrayed" Thor, by "aiding" Mr. Hyde and the Cobra. Slamming the door behind her, Foster leaves Blake wondering about the price he paid in order to defeat his foes.

Appearing in "Tales of Asgard: Balder the Brave"

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Synopsis for "Tales of Asgard: Balder the Brave"

Quote1.png You shall face the test of mortal death! Quote2.png

This flashback tale of the early days of Asgard focuses on Balder the Brave. In this story, he is brought to the court of Odin to answer for the fact that during a recent battle against the Storm Giants, Balder deserted his comrades. Balder explains that during combat, he saw a bird fall from its nest, so he had left the battle to return the bird to its mother.

Furious that Balder would abandon a battle for such a deed, Odin orders Balder to face the test of mortal death, which Balder agrees to take in spite of the other warriors of Asgard's protests.

The test requires that Balder stand in front of a line of soldiers who would attempt to kill him without his resistance. First Odin orders Tyr, master archer of Asgard, to fire an arrow at Balder. The unflinching Balder is saved at the last minute when a hawk swoops out of the sky and stops the arrow from hitting Balder.

Odin orders Honir to throw a spear at Balder, which is stopped by a sudden sprouting of vines from the ground, and again Balder does not flinch. Then Odin orders Thor to strike down Balder with his hammer. As Thor approaches to strike Balder down, the warrior still does not move, prompting Odin to stop Thor.

Odin reveals that he summoned the hawk and the plant to save Balder at the last minute of each attack to test his bravery. Having passed Odin's test, Odin rewards Balder with the gift of invincibility, and has him hailed as Balder the Brave.


  • Credits for story 1:
    • Written Fairly Well by Stan Lee
    • Drawn Not Too Badly by Jack Kirby
    • Inked Kinda Nice by Chic Stone
    • Lettered Pretty Fair by Art Simek
  • Credits for story 2
    • Written with Passion by: Stan Lee
    • Drawn with Pageantry by: Jack Kirby
    • Inked with Power by: Vince Colletta
    • Lettered with Pride by: Art Simek


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