Quote1.png How they despise each other! It is only my will, my power, that keeps them working together as a team! But I ask not for friendship, or love! All I demand is fear, and blind obedience! For I am Magneto...mightiest of all the mutants! Quote2.png
-- Magneto

Appearing in "When Magneto Strikes!"

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  • Magneto's submarine
  • X-Men's submarine

Synopsis for "When Magneto Strikes!"

Thor visits a local fair, where a statue honoring him is on display, along with statues of other heroes from the New York City area. Thor is flattered, and is invited to visit the opening ceremonies.

Meanwhile, in a hidden craft (disguised as a floating log) in New York Harbor, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants are attempting to locate the secret base of their foes the X-Men. Learning that their enemies are in New York somewhere, Magneto sends Mastermind, Toad, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch into the city to locate them. Launching them in a submersible craft, Magneto uses one of his new devices that causes many metal objects in the city to suddenly float in the air. Among the many panicked people witnessing the strange phenomenon is Don Blake, who -- after the abrupt end of the event -- seeks to locate its source as Thor.

Using his hammer to track the source of the power, Thor stumbles upon Magneto's hideout and confronts the master of magnetism. Thinking Thor is a mutant, Magneto offers Thor a chance to join him and enjoy his vast wealth. When Thor refuses, Magneto attacks, separating Thor from his hammer in a steel room long enough to cause Thor to revert to his mortal guise.

As Donald Blake, he barely avoids all of Magneto's traps, until Magneto is distracted by a distress call from his minions who are requesting assistance in a battle against the X-Men. Taking advantage of this free moment, Blake recovers his walking stick and changes into Thor.

Thor resumes his attack on Magneto, easily overpowering the foe, who manages to escape to a lower level of the craft where a Proton bomb is stored. Magneto is about to use the bomb to destroy Thor, but suddenly he is stopped and chased out of the ship by the X-Men.

Thor observes Magneto escaping in a submarine with the X-Men in pursuit, and finds the ship's escape hatch. He discovers that the X-Men saved his life by rendering the proton bomb useless. Thor exits the craft and uses his power over the storms to destroy the ship, then returns to the city.

Magneto eludes the X-Men and speeds off to rejoin his comrades, while back in the city, Thor resumes his moral guise and pays a visit to Jane Foster. She feeds him supper and the two go out for a night on the town.

Appearing in "Tales from Asgard: Banished from Asgard!"

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Synopsis for "Tales from Asgard: Banished from Asgard!"

Quote1.png Even the son of Odin may not disobey an imperial command! And so I order you to be...banished from Asgard! Quote2.png

For being involved in a duel against Odin's wishes, Thor is banished from Asgard, much to the protest of the warriors of Asgard, who need Thor's strength in their continuing battle against the Mountain Giants. Learning this, Arkin the Weak, cousin of Loki, travels to a mountain ridge to inform Queen Knorda of the Mountain Giants (in an attempt to win her favor). Knorda and Arkin plan to attack Thor while in his exile from Asgard.

Later, while traveling in the mountains, Thor is attacked by the army of the Mountain Giants, led by Knorda and Arkin. Thor tricks them into traveling into a box canyon and escapes through a cave which the Giants cannot fit in. Traveling up to the top of the canyon, Thor is reunited with Odin and the warriors of Asgard. As it turns out, Odin banishing Thor from Asgard was all part of a plan to ferret out the traitor leaking information to the Mountain Giants, and trap their foes. Arkin finally gets his wish to be with Knorda for the rest of time, only trapped in the canyon. Meanwhile the warriors of Asgard ride back home, victorious.


  • credits for Story 1:
    • Written by: Stan Lee, The Monarch of the Marvel Age, at the Pinnacle of his Power!
    • Illustrated by: Jack Kirby, The Prince of Pageantry, at the Height of his Titanic Talent!
    • Inked by: Chic Stone, The Dean of Line Design, at the Peak of his Prowess!
    • Lettered by: S. Rosen, The Sultan of Spelling, at the Little Table in his Studio!
  • credits for Story 2:
    • Presented by the Greatest Names in Illo-Dramatics:
    • Stan Lee, Author
    • Jack Kirby, Illustrator
    • Vince Colletta, Delineator
    • Sam Rosen, Letterer
    • Living Proof of the Titanic Talent which has made this series such a Smashing Success!

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