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Appearing in "The Power of the Thunder God!"

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Synopsis for "The Power of the Thunder God!"

Continuing the story from last issue, Thor battles Mister Hyde and the Cobra, who have him and a mortally wounded Jane Foster trapped. Thor's time is running out, as he cannot maintain the Time Warp that he created to prolong Foster's life, and he must defeat the two foes who have had their strength doubled by Loki.

Thor escapes from his two foes with the unconscious Foster, and breaking through the many traps in the house, he finds a safe place to keep Jane's body until he can defeat his foes.

Meanwhile, the whole display is being watched by Odin, who feels that he should not interfere. Balder, hearing this, offers to play a ballad for the troubled Odin, and sings a song about Odin's own rebellious youth and a forbidden romance. Loki stops the song.

Back on Earth, Thor finds Mister Hyde and the Cobra and battles them again. During the battle, Thor redirects some of the Cobra's poison pellets back at him, causing him to seek refuge in the air ducts, and smashes Mister Hyde through a wall.

While in Asgard, Odin is moved enough by Thor's battle to get involved and instructs Loki to see Hardol the Healer, who can create a potion that would cure Jane Foster. Knowing that Loki will not do this, the warriors of Asgard stop him. Balder takes Odin's written request and travels to find Hardol. On his way, he travels across the Swamps of Endless Flame and is confronted by the Phantom of Asgard.

On Earth, Mister Hyde and Thor duke it out. Thor pushes Mister Hyde into one of his own traps, a ray-beam that knocks Hyde out. Thor sends an electrical surge through the house, the shock forcing the Cobra out of the vents, weakened enough for Thor to capture. Knowing that he cannot maintain the time warp, Thor returns to Jane's unconscious body and laments over her condition.

Meanwhile back in Asgard, Balder destroys the Phantom with his sword, travels across Forest of the Eternal Nightmare Plants, crosses the Valley of Swords and survives the Valley of Avalanches to finally arrive at the home of Hardol the Healer and present Odin's request.

On Earth, Thor finally decides to face the impending death of his love and dissipates the Time Warp. At that moment, Balder's sword falls from the sky and lands in the room with the potion for Jane attached. Thor gives the potion to her, curing her of her fatal injuries. Balder's sword then returns to its owner.

With Jane healed and revived, Thor thanks Odin for his aid and carries the sleeping girl away from the house.

Appearing in "Tales of Asgard: The Secret of Sigurd!"

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Synopsis for "Tales of Asgard: The Secret of Sigurd!"

Quote1.png Methinks The Man Is Bereft Of His Senses! Quote2.png

While returning from a special mission for Odin, Loki convinces Thor and Balder to follow him through a short cut that travels through the Forests of the Mysterious Sigurd, which eventually leads them to a confrontation with Sigurd himself, who challenges the young gods to a duel, claiming he can defeat them all with his secret power.

Thor attacks Sigurd, smashing his opponent's battle ax with his hammer; however, every time Thor manages to knock Sigurd down he gets back up stronger than ever. Eventually, Balder remembers the key to Sigurd's constantly increasing strength: Sigurd is the son of the Earth Sprites, and his strength is increased every time he touches the ground.

Knowing the secret to Sigurd's power, Thor catches his hammer under Sigurd's belt and then flings his opponent into the sky where he will then be stranded on a deserted asteroid.

With their foe defeated, the three gods continue their trek home, Loki disappointed that Thor was not defeated.


  • This issue featured a Loki Pin-Up

  • The identity of the mortal woman, with whom Odin apparently was in love once, is unknown, as she does not appear again in Marvel publications and there is no apparent mythological archetype for her.
  • credits for Story 1:
    • Special Location: The Wall
    • Written With The Mastery of Stan Lee
    • Illustrated With The Genius of Jack Kirby
    • Delineated With The Delicacy of Chic Stone
    • Lettered With The India Ink of Artie Simek
  • credits for Story 2:
    • Superbly Written by Stan Lee
    • Supremely Drawn by Jack Kirby
    • Savagely Inked by Vince Colletta
    • Sagatiously Lettered by Artie Simek

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