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Quote1.png Though you know me as Dr. Don Blake, I have another identity as well! One which no other Earthly mortal would ever Suspect! But now, my beloved, I must tell you, I am Thor, son of Odin, God of Thunder! Quote2.png
Don Blake

Appearing in "A World Gone Mad!"

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Synopsis for "A World Gone Mad!"

Thor has been on Asgard assisting Odin and his fellow warriors against the demons of Jotunheim, a battle they win very easily. After the battle is over, Odin asks Thor to abandon the Earth and return to Asgard full time, a request that Thor declines stating that he has much good still to do on Earth. This infuriates Odin, because the All-Father knows full well that Thor is still trying to find a way to reveal his true identity and win the love of Jane Foster, a plan which Odin harshly forbids.

Returning to Earth and changing back to his mortal guise of Donald Blake, Thor decides that regardless of the consequences, he must reveal his true identity to Jane Foster. Returning to his office, Blake asks Jane into his office and admits to her that he is really the mighty Thor. Meanwhile, in a city museum, scientists are examining the recovered body of the Grey Gargoyle. Once all the river mud is removed from his body the Gargoyle revives and turns his examiners into stone and escapes and is eager to resume his quest of obtaining immortality, something he believes he can achieve through Thor's hammer.

Meanwhile, in Asgard, Loki happens upon Odin's throne room just as Odin learns that Thor has revealed his true identity to Jane Foster. Odin then decides to strip Thor of his godly powers before storming out, leaving Loki to plot a way to get final revenge against his hated step-brother. On Earth meanwhile, Don Blake attempts to prove his claim by tapping his cane and is horrified to find that his powers are gone, leaving Jane to think that Blake has been working too hard. Just then the Grey Gargoyle smashes through the window seeking to learn where Thor is. Donald and Jane manage to flee the building, however the Grey Gargoyle is not far behind them.

Back on Asgard, a gathering of the Gods fears the worse for Thor and decide to try and help the Thunder God. When Balder tries to travel to Earth to save Thor he is stopped by Loki, who uses his newfound authority to send all the dissenting Asgardians out on patrol, unaware that one of their numbers has actually secreted down the Bifrost Bridge unobserved.

While on Earth, Donald Blake and Jane Foster continue to flee the pursuing Grey Gargoyle by any means necessary, however even with the unknowing aid of the mysterious Asgardian, the Gargoyle continues his chase. When Jane is knocked out and the Gargoyle grabs Blake (slowly changing him into stone) Donald hears his mysterious helper advise him that his powers as Thor have been restored for the next thirty seconds. Tapping his cane, Blake is surprised to find that it's true, and is transformed into Thor, reversing the effects of the Gargoyle's touch.

Thor quickly defeats the Gargoyle by utilizing both the magics of his hammer and a live wire from a lamp post to fuse the Gargoyle's stone limbs together. Leaving the scene, Thor -- his thirty seconds elapsed -- reverts back to Donald Blake. His benefactor returning to Asgard -- revealed to be Honir the Hunter -- reports back to Odin, who had sent Honir to aid Thor.

Believing that Thor has learned his lesson, Odin decides that he will restore his son's powers much to Loki's chagrin. Back on Earth, Donald Blake feels his powers returning and understands that he is not to revel his identity again. Going back to the now reviving Jane, Donald Blake explains that he was only delirious from too much work, and that this little adventure has restored his sanity. Believing that she's been rescued by Donald Blake instead of Thor, Jane begins to show affection towards the doctor.

Appearing in "Tales of Asgard Home of the Mighty Norse Gods!: "The Boyhood of Loki!"

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Synopsis for "Tales of Asgard Home of the Mighty Norse Gods!: "The Boyhood of Loki!"

Quote1.png If They Would Bow To Me As They Do To Thor, I'd Find A Way To Gain Complete Control Over Them! For I Was Born To Be Served--To Give Commands! Quote2.png

A ten-year old Thor watches a tournament with Loki when Thor predicts the winner. This incenses Loki as Thor is always right. Loki purposely wagers on the poorer fighter and then casts a spell he learned from the Norn witch women to make the more skillful combatant's quarterstaff shatter when Loki's behind Thor's back. The fighters realize they've been hexed and accost young Loki. Thor demands why do they only address themselves to his brother and they answer that they know Thor would never stoop to such a deed. Nevertheless, Thor insists, I was at Loki's side during the tourney and any punishment meted out ought to be shared by the two of us. Impressed by Thor's nobility, the fighters let the youths go on their way, although with ill forebodings about the destiny of Loki. When they're alone, Thor reveals that he was aware of Loki's trickery and admonishes him that it was foolish of him to interfere in the tournament. But the matter is quickly forgotten by Thor as the two of them take up riding practice and Thor offers to race Loki to the bridge. "Why should I?" Loki responds, "You've got the faster horse." To which Thor replies "The speed of the horse is not the only factor, but also the skill of the rider." Thor stays close to his brother to give him an even chance, but Loki broods darkly over the day's events. He wants the power that will force others to bow and scrape before him as they do before his "beloved" brother, Thor, and he realizes that some day Thor will have to be destroyed.


  • The Boyhood of Loki! story is reprinted in Bring on the Bad Guys
  • credits for Story 1:
    • A Tale Told With Gusto by: Stan Lee
    • A Drama Drawn With Grandeur by: Jack Kirby
    • An Idyll Inked With Gallantry by: Chic Stone
    • A Legend Lettered With Glee by: Artie Simek
  • credits for Story 2:
    • A Stan Lee And Jack Kirby Fabulous Featurette!
    • Inked by: Vince Colletta
    • Lettered by: Artie Simek
  • references: Journey into Mystery #107

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