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Appearing in "The Slug"

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Synopsis for "The Slug"

A jealous man uses hipnosis to turn his brother insane by convincing the man he's turning into a giant slug only for it work too well as the brother really becomes a slug and kills him.

Appearing in "Where the Vampire Flies"

Featured Characters:

  • Harry Kasher
  • Jenny Kasher


Races & Species:

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Where the Vampire Flies"

A man tries to hide he's a vampire from his wife, but is unaware she's also one!

Appearing in "The Man Who Owned A World"

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Synopsis for "The Man Who Owned A World"

A evil stepfather receives a future "Build Your Own World" and sets upon into using it to torture miniature versions of people he hates, after that the man creates the woman he always loved but never married with a small version of himself. Somehow the man's mind goes into his miniature and discover's his stepson has aged and now goes to torture him, however when the figure goes to destroy the man he finds out it's actually the person he truly most hates: Himself!

Appearing in "The Right Bait"

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Synopsis for "The Right Bait"

A evil explorer kills his partner to get a big treasure only to find it's the bait of a man-eating creature.

Appearing in "The Star Men"

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Synopsis for "The Star Men"

A boy who likes space builds a spaceship over mind given instructions, the ship works and takes him to a alien race of space policeman who reveal humanity is not ready yet to reach the stars but that the boy will lead them when this happens. They send the boy back and erase his memory so he can fulfill his destiny.

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