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Synopsis for "Vampire Tale"

A man wrapped in bandages is on trial for murder after slaying a vampire. After the jury does not buy his vampire hunting story and convicts him, he removes his bandages revealing himself to be a zombie pursuing revenge after he was killed by the vampire one year ago.

Appearing in "The Curse"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Uncanny Tales #2.

Synopsis for "The Curse"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Uncanny Tales #2.

Appearing in "Man Alone"

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Synopsis for "Man Alone"

Communists get the idea to swap a spy for the village idiot in a centrally located village by taking a hermit and training him to pass for the idiot, but they succeed in their training too well.

Appearing in "The Man Who Wasn't"

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Synopsis for "The Man Who Wasn't"

A man invents a youth serum and wishes to give it to the oldest member of an old folks home, but the man doesn't want it. When they administer it to him anyway, he reverts to his true alien form, which is the signal to begin the invasion.

Appearing in "The Vultures"

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Synopsis for "The Vultures"

A man leaves his estate to those four children who attend his funeral, of which, only his daughter does.

Appearing in "The Question"

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  • Tavish
  • Don

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Synopsis for "The Question"

An inventor who loves his wife asks an electronic brain which he devised two questions, 'When will my wife die?' and 'When will I die?' The brain answers 'Your wife will be murdered ten minutes from now.' He seizes the gun from his desk and races home knowing that there is still time to save her. When he arrives, he realizes his wife is having an affair. Since he loves her, he forgives her, but trains the gun on the man. During the struggle, the gun goes off, and kills the wife. The distraught husband thinks to himself that without her life is not worth living and commits suicide, which back in the office building, the electronic brain also correctly predicts.


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