Appearing in "The Locked Drawer"

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Synopsis for "The Locked Drawer"

A couple buy a dresser that used to belong to a witch and the bottom drawer does not open. They are curious because of a story the furniture dealer told them about the witch keeping all of her secrets in the bottom drawer, and so they attempt to open it, without success. They call in a cabinet maker who takes the dresser back to his shop, but he calls them back and tells them unless he uses a crowbar to damage the dresser, he can't get it open. Their curiosity has taken hold of them and they give him the ok to use the crowbar. The cabinet maker's assistant prys the bottom drawer slightly open and the cabinet maker looks inside. What he sees so shocks him that he returns the dresser to its owners, denies seeing anything inside, and admonishes them never to attempt to open the bottom drawer again.

Appearing in "High Pressure Man"

Races and Species:


Synopsis for "High Pressure Man"

A desperate publicity man is trying to use gimmicks to garner attention, but with his new client, the schemes don't work out. First he tells the man to enter the lion cage at the zoo but the beasts appear uninterested so he enters to attempt a rescue, but he ends up needing to be rescued by his client from the animals. Second he tells the client to enter a burning building and he will enter to rescue him but he is overcome by smoke and the client has to carry him out. The publicist is frustrated and the client offers to suggest a way to make him famous but the publicist ignores him and comes up with a gimmick for the two of them to parachute from an airplane. This gimmick seems to be going smoothly until the publicist lands and sees that his heavy client was actually an android that has smashed to pieces.

Appearing in "The Stone Bird"

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Synopsis for "The Stone Bird"

A farmer is plagued by a gargoyle that nightly devours his chickens.

Appearing in "The Journey"

Featured Characters:

  • Harry

Supporting Characters:

  • Al

Races and Species:


  • Unrevealed reality

Synopsis for "The Journey"

A blue skinned youngster, Harry, embarrassed by his pigmentation, isolates himself and studies astronomy. He discovers another planet in the solar system, builds a rocket and travels to the planet. When he arrives, he discovers other blue-skinned people like himself. These inhabitants tell Harry that he also belongs to their race. It is explained to Harry as he was mistakenly left on earth when a party journeyed to the Earth when he was an infant.

Appearing in "Long Night"

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Synopsis for "Long Night"

A man believes that his relatives are just waiting for him to die so they can get his money and that he hates them. When he is under the impression he has died, he finds himself in an afterlife where he is stopped from boarding a beautiful boat taking people to the promised land. He is told that the boat is only for people who have at least one person who loves them. He is told he can attempt to avoid eternal night by returning to the living and finding love and he resolves to make the attempt. He hears a voice urging him to open his eyes, and when he does, he sees his physician who reassures him that he has beaten the disease and will be well again. The man resolves to attempt to love his relatives who appear glad that he has recovered.

Appearing in "The Eager Beaver"

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Synopsis for "The Eager Beaver"

A man who always wants to be first in line for public events in order to photographed by the newspapers regrets when he signs up to be the first man launched to Mars. He thinks that he is safe since no one will actually build a rocket capable of the trip, but the scientist's fuel problem is solved by someone in the audience who eventually reveals himself as a Martian nervous about making the return trip home launching up out of Earth's higher gravity.

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