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Appearing in "The Wishing Well"

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Synopsis for "The Wishing Well"

A young couple starting out find a well on their property that appears to grant wishes. When the woman's wish for a million dollars comes true, she has second thoughts, and wishes that the well's power be broken. The telephone man tells her that she could not have received the phone call notifying her of the inheritance because he hasn't connected the phone yet. The young couple resolve to make their way together and earn everything they get.

Appearing in "The Runner"

Featured Characters:

  • Mike

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters

  • Snaky Blake

Races and Species:

Synopsis for "The Runner"

A chance encounter with Hermes teaches a boy how to run fast.

Appearing in "Plane to Nowhere"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "Plane to Nowhere"

A man has an argument with his wife and then gets on a plane which deposits him into a world of doppelgangers.

Appearing in "The Machine"

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Synopsis for "The Machine"

Scientists build a calculator that gets bored with them and transports itself to another planet with an advanced civilization that will pose more interesting questions.

Appearing in "Stormy Night"

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Synopsis for "Stormy Night"

When a nurse gives an ambulance driver a medal of the patron saint of travelers he is surprised to hear from people at his destination that the bridge he crossed to get there had been washed out hours ago.

Appearing in "The Man from Out There"

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Synopsis for "The Man from Out There"

An alien comes to Earth looking for the most socially advanced lifeform, but bypasses humans in favor of ants.

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