Appearing in "The Secret of the Mystic Ring"

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Synopsis for "The Secret of the Mystic Ring"

300 years ago a poor man is denied marrying his lover by her wealthy father. The poor man saves a fellow from a quicksand pool and gets a mystic ring as a reward. The ring can make wishes come true, but as the poor man returns home thinking that he can now marry the girl he realizes he has lost the ring. In the present day another young man is in the same situation when he buys the ring from a pawn shop. He meets his lover in a museum where there are three statutes of the people who lived 300 years ago with the father statute separating the two young lovers. After the man wishes for a promotion, the ring grants the wish and the museum guard notices that the father's statue is no longer separating the lovers and that the woman's statute has a ring on her finger.

Appearing in "The Long Way Home"

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Synopsis for "The Long Way Home"

Atlanteans pull a switch on a gag TV show host who sets up an episode to fool contestants into believing they are taking a deep sea diving bell to the ocean floor.

Appearing in "Odd Skills"

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Synopsis for "Odd Skills"

A two page text piece

Appearing in "A Penny for Your Dreams!"

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Synopsis for "A Penny for Your Dreams!"

A man who enjoys daydreaming while he rides to work on the subway tries a new machine which has the power to briefly turn dreams into reality. He wishes he was a big shot and fires two hundred men simply because he has the power to do so. The dream ends and when he tries his next dream, the machine doesn't work. He sees the repairman and asks why he hasn't serviced the machine and the man replies because the company boss fired two hundred men for no reason.

Appearing in "The Missing Man!"

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Synopsis for "The Missing Man!"

This story postulates that UFOs were the exploratory experiment of a Martian who withdraws them and gives up his all-consuming work in order to marry his long-neglected sweetheart.

Appearing in "Down to Earth"

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Synopsis for "Down to Earth"

This story is similar to the last story in Amazing Adult Fantasy Vol 1 7 minus the alien child.

Appearing in "Someone Is Calling"

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Synopsis for "Someone Is Calling"

A reporter ends up rescuing several people in trouble when messages come over the teletype, but never seems to rescue the senders of the distress signal. It turns out the people in trouble are lunar inhabitants who succeed in making their way back to the moon themselves after fruitlessly messaging the moon rescue squad.

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