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Appearing in "The Deep Freeze"

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Synopsis for "The Deep Freeze"

Three crooks place themselves in suspended animation for 200 years after stealing 150,000 dollars. Not only is the money still good in 2156, not only is 150,000 still a lot of money in 2156 (gasp!), but the only reason they run afoul of the law is that the suitcase of money they stole was counterfeit to begin with.

Appearing in "Volcano!"

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Synopsis for "Volcano!"

A man introduces technology to a primitive people living at the base of a volcano and the volcano becomes angry at their new competitive and mistrustful nature so wipes out their society.

Appearing in "Inside the Whirlpool"

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Synopsis for "Inside the Whirlpool"

This story's plot is similar to Star Trek's "Mirror, Mirror" but the depicted events are used to make a thief feel shameful of his behavior.

Appearing in "The Voice in the Night"

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Synopsis for "The Voice in the Night"

When a man slugs an elderly man collecting donations for the poor and steals the poor box, his conscience bothers him so much that he hears a clock accuse him of being a thief.

Appearing in "The Old Shop"

Featured Characters:

  • Logarithm

Other Characters:

  • Mrs. Gerrity
  • Tom Gerrity
  • Officer O'Malley
  • Mechanicans (Aliens)

Races and Species:

Synopsis for "The Old Shop"

A man ventures out to a mist-hidden island that has curative properties in order to marry a couple there.

Appearing in "The Sea Serpent!"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "The Sea Serpent!"

A sailor sees a sea serpent arise when there is a disaster to be averted.

Appearing in "The First Man"

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Synopsis for "The First Man"

The author of this story postulates that a series of satellites will be required to use as refueling stations on the way to the moon. Once they are built, and rockets make it to the moon, men find that the moon itself is an inhabited satellite built by alien beings.

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