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Quote1.png Th-this isn't right! I-it isn't fair...Th-the god of thunder's supposed to be invinci....... Quote2.png
Red Norvell as he dies.

Appearing in "A Gathering of Heroes"

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Synopsis for "A Gathering of Heroes"

Red Norvell is in a bar celebrating having his powers back. He and Wad go back to his trailer when they are attacked by mysterious men dressed in black suits. They open fire, but are routed when Red proves to be stronger than they thought. Wad tells him that he remembers a list of names, names of the lost Asgardian gods on Earth, and Red must find them before the Men in Black do. At a college campus, Professor Barry Landers is jogging (and being admired by the ladies), but he is totally oblivious to their stares. Red follows him to his apartment, and tells him that he believes him to be one of the Lost Gods, but is rushed out, believing that it to be some sort of fraternity prank. Sometime later, S.W.A.T. officer Ericka Velez is sitting in a sniper's spot, lining up a shot at Jason Burr, a small-time crook that's taken a hostage. She is settling in, when she is attacked by the same Men in Black. She calls for backup, but they vanish before her help arrives. Red is there though, telling her that he believes her because he's seen the same men himself. Back at Red's trailer, a shadowy figure offers Wad a bottle, telling him that he means him no harm. Barry Landers is coming home to feed his cat, when his apartment blows up, killing his cat Nanna. In an expensive office, Tso Zhung is visited by Red and Ericka, telling him that they believe there may be an attack on his life. Scant minutes later, the Men in Black appear, trying to kill him. After defeating them again, they all head back to Red's trailer, hoping to get some answers out of Wad, but he's gone. They are instantly attacked by the Men in Black again, but this time along with an armored warrior. The warrior blasts Red full-on while the others are dodging the Men in Black. The assassins leave, leaving Ericka, Tso, and Barry to watch as Red Norvell dies, leaving them with no clue what to do.

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