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Quote1.png I've seen guys -- living muscle factories -- with more raw power than you could ever imagine, and even that couldn't keep 'em among the breathing! Because there's always someone...who's stronger and deadlier! Quote2.png
Lt. Marcus Stone

Appearing in "What Power is This?"

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Synopsis for "What Power is This?"

Ericka and Howie discover items in the trunk that seem to enhance their natural abilities, Howie a headband and Ericka, a pair of bracelets. They hear a call over the police scanner that the Wrecking Crew are robbing a bank, and Howie wants to go play super-hero. Freda goes to Vizarri Antiques and meets Pietro, who tells her that their (drunken) lord and master has been waiting for her. Both Code:Blue and Spider-Man arrive at the bank robbery to try and stop the Wrecking Crew, but the Wrecker is not among them. He's been following an energy trail that leads down into the sewers where he comes across the remains of the Worldengine, as well as a large figure in the shadows. In Asgard, Pyllar is obsessed with Amora and removes her gag, allowing her the freedom of her spells again. Back at the battle, Howie saves a woman from being hit by a flying car as the Wrecking Crew strike back at Code:Blue. But the Wrecker himself is being beaten to death by a much stronger figure, who is missing one of his hands. Ericka manages to distract Thunderball long enough for Spider-Man to stop him, and lay him out.


  • Last issue edited by Mark Gruenwald, who died of a heart attack prior to the release of the issue.

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