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Quote1.png Ulik hungers for battle -- almost as much as another Ring-Ding! Quote2.png
-- Ulik

Appearing in "And Death Be Thy Foe!"

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Synopsis for "And Death Be Thy Foe!"

In Asgard, the Ice Giants discover that Amora has escaped. She's in her apartment and wondering why Thor never showed up to rescue her. In a hospital, Lt. Stone and Erika are looking on as the Wrecker is being operated on. Stone is real worried about someone that can do that to the Wrecker, and warns Erika to be careful. At the New York Public Library, Amora reads the news of the recent past of the Onslaught battle, and realizes why Thor never came to her rescue, and begins to cry. Erika returns to her apartment and finds Barry, Howie, Freddie, Tso, and Ulik trying out items from the trunk, while Ulik has discovered potato chips and twinkies. Amora uses a spell to transport herself to the nearest Asgardians, and appears amidst them and Ulik, much to their surprise. Just then, Erika's brother Donald arrives, and is surprised at her visitors. In Vizarri's Antique shop, Wad tells them what he remembers, that it was he who cast the gods out of Asgard. Amora tells them what she knows about Price's underground lab and Yggdrasill, and they decide to go check it out. They find the lab, but the Men in Black are already there, and Tso gets greedy giving away their presence. With the weapons from the trunk, they manage to fight them off, only to have their boss arrive - Seth, the Serpent God of Death.

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