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Quote1.png Y-you're really serious. You mean to destroy...everything! Quote2.png
-- Tso Zhung

Appearing in "First Blood"

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Synopsis for "First Blood"

The Lost Gods battle Seth and his Men in Black until Freddie Moyer is fatally injured. Meanwhile, Wad tells Freda and Pietro about his plan to fool Yggdrasil into believing Ragnarok had already occured. By duplicating what he did with Thor, and casting the Asgardians down to Earth with mortal forms and without their powers or their memories. Meanwhile, Howie gets an idea and has Amora transport them back to Ericka's apartment, where upon feeding him a golden apple, he is restored to complete health and his wound is gone. The Men in Black locate Vizarri Antiques, and capture Pietro and Wad while Freda escapes to tell Howie and the others.

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